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Frieda’s Colored Sushi Wraps Create a Buzz at PMA Foodservice Expo as Attendees Enjoyed a Splash of Color from an Unexpected Source

Chefs and foodservice buyers alike flocked to the Frieda’s booth at the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo after getting a glimpse of the Colored Sushi Wraps in the event's New Product Showcase.


Los Alamitos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2006 --As the doors opened to the 2006 PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo, inside the booth of Frieda’s Inc, quietly waiting to be discovered, were a cluster of multi-colored sushi rolls. It didn’t take long for these brightly wrapped pieces to become the talk of the event and soon booth number 233, home that day to Frieda’s Inc, the Original, Reliable and Inventive specialty produce company, became the place to be.

“The response to our Colored Sushi Wraps was just amazing,” said Karen Caplan, Frieda’s President and CEO. “We knew we had something that chefs just had to see so we were thrilled with the reaction we received.”

Chefs and foodservice buyers alike flocked to the Frieda’s booth after getting a glimpse of the Colored Sushi Wraps in the New Product Showcase. The small display showed how Frieda’s newest find could make a big impact. Once arriving at the booth, attendees were invited to taste a freshly made sushi roll and those who visited quickly discovered that these Colored Sushi Wraps are the perfect combination of aesthetics and taste.

Frieda’s Colored Sushi Wraps, available exclusively from Frieda’s, are paper thin and extremely flexible. The wraps offer amazing strength and durability and are ready to create sushi rolls from simple California to detailed Caterpillar, hand rolls overflowing with fresh ahi and daikon sprouts, wraps with cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber…or whatever your imagination supposes. And chefs aren’t just limited to sushi as these wraps are perfect for vegetables, chicken and ham. They are available in four spectacular colors: Yellow, Orange, Green and Pink in 10/20ct. cases.

Founded in 1962 by Frieda Caplan, Frieda’s, Inc. was the first wholesale produce company in the U.S. to be founded, owned and operated by a woman. Once a small produce stand at the Los Angeles Produce Market, Frieda’s has emerged as the nation’s premier marketer and distributor of specialty produce and now offers more than 600 specialty items to grocery and specialty stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. America has Frieda’s to thank for introductions to Kiwifruit, Shallots, Cherimoyas, Passion Fruit and Habanero Peppers and the innovations just keep coming.