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Ready Made Solutions for Digital Photo Processing Services

Setting up a digital photo processing service in store or online is becoming easier with ready made software solutions. Large central labs offer these to tie in their customers, while specialist developers like ECCE TERRAM sell software components that increase the services independence and negotiation power.


Oldenburg, Germany, -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2006 --Today the vast majority of photographs taken are digital. Online photo services converting digital images into traditional photographic paper prints in familiar 6×4" (10x15cm), prints are increasingly profitable. Compared to home inkjet prints, pictures on photographic paper tend to look much 'richer', and are vastly more durable with regard to handling by sweaty fingers, humid environments, and fading in daylight. Such services cater for business with new photographic gift items and product ideas. The specialist internet software developer ECCE TERRAM will be presenting the latest off the shelf, modular software solutions for online photo services, web portals, photo labs and purchasing associations at the international Photokina exhibition in Cologne in September 2006, including releases currently being prepared. As a Photokina highlight, the company will also publish its complete ‘Transfer Ordering Network’ protocol for free usage.

The ECCE TERRAM Photo2Lab solution is unique in allowing photo services to receive and allocate print orders to their own photo printers, to third party central labs, to photo gift specialists or to channel orders on a case by case basis. Photo processing web solutions from large central labs have been developed for them to create an unbreakable tie between shops or portals and the supplying photo lab. As published by The Grocery Trader, Europe’s largest central lab claims to have extended “its market share yet further on the European continent to more than 40%”. Such large central labs are building a dominant position, weakening smaller photo service’s negotiation power. ECCE TERRAM’s Photo2Lab is ready to plug into different photo labs, guaranteeing photo stores and web portals independence from dominant labs. With solutions developed using Web 2.0 technologies like SOAP, WSDL, Ajax etc, ECCE TERRAM offers a diverse range of components for photo portals.

Photo Lab Software Solutions
Together the Photo2Lab processing components built flexible, state-of-the-art solutions. These range from order processing using online stores, point-of-sale terminals and offline software clients for Windows, Macintosh and Linux using an open protocol connecting to any photo lab or printer. The ‘Photo2Lab’ middleware processes the orders using a central user database, which allows splitting orders to cover production requirements (e.g. mixed orders for standard prints, posters and gift items). Lab plug-ins built the third layer in ECCE TERRAM’s ‘Photo2Lab’ solution. The lab plug ins currently support for example DPL, Allcop, ORWO, CeWeColor, DWM and Frontline. Increasingly specialists from the growing sector of photo book, calendar and gift item printing, like Ifuse, Snapmania are supported by ECCE TERRAM.

The offline photo ordering clients (Windows, MacOS and Linux) are brandable through graphics, logos and colours and are used by labs and services of different sizes, like large central labs by the likes of Allcop, DPL, CeWe Color AG, ORWO, or mini labs (Frontline). Catering for European and international businesses ECCE TERRAM’s applications are easy to localise and are available in several European languages.

A photo service for any site or store
With Photo2Lab ready made solutions any store or website can become an independent online photo service. ECCE TERRAM founder Frank Simon points out: “ECCE TERRAM endeavours with Photo2Lab software to allow photo services to allocate production orders, moving the control over the process from the large central labs back to the photo service. When you start your photo service make sure that you own your customer data and route to lab. ECCE TERRAM is a ready made solution proven to work and committed to serving its customer’s independence.”

ECCE TERRAM announces to make public its Transfer Ordering Network Protocol
In an unusual step ECCE TERRAM announced it will publish at Photokina (Cologne, September 2006) the complete protocol of its ‘Transfer Ordering Network’ (TRON), allowing photo services and image content management solution developers to integrate the Transfer Ordering Network protocol and the libraries published by ECCE TERRAM free of charge. Similar to an OpenSource license, this is subject to mentioning the source of the protocol in the copyrights. Managing Director Frank Simon: “Our call for transparent processes and rights, the use of modular software with independence for licensees does not stop with the large central labs. ECCE TERRAM practices these values with its solutions and our presence at Photokina in hall 10.2, Stand A 020 to 022 is a the opportunity to proof it.”

Photokina – hall 10.2 – Stand A 020 to A022
With online advertising growing 30% year on year, ECCE TERRAM’s will highlight the bi-directional communication capability of their solution during Photokina. Its solutions allow for online software updates, promotions, implementation of vouchers and rebates as well as the transmission of advertising and links to the offline client on the end user’s desk top.

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