ArtistServer Founder Featured on MusiciansCast Podcast

Credits Innovative Promotional Tools for Putting Music-hosting Site in Lead


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2006 --ArtistServer ( announced today that its founder, Gideon Marken, will be featured in a two-part interview with MusiciansCast ( scheduled to be posted Thursday, July 27 and Friday, July 28. Marken is the programmer/musician that single-handedly built and maintains ArtistServer. Named one of the best music hosting services by Time Magazine, ArtistServer is a leading music-hosting site that empowers independent and unsigned musicians with the ability to host, stream, blog, podcast, and offer ringtones of their music that site members can download for free.

In Part 1 of the interview, Marken discusses the inspiration for creating ArtistServer and his personal commitment to keeping the focus on the artists. In addition to talking about how the site works and the unique services it offers both musicians and music fans of all genres, Marken offers tips and ideas on using the tools ArtistServer provides to help artists build recognition and a larger fan base.

During Part 2 of the interview, Marken discusses the elements of electronic music, how most electronic music is produced (using sequencers, samplers, synthesizers) and its expansion into movies and commercials. Artists interested in new ideas for music will want to hear what Marken says about using data such as weather and/or stock market patterns, RSS feeds and found media on the Web to create fractal music. Marken describes fractal music as usually being created by assigning musical rules and attributes to some form of data or numerical process to generate music.

About the MusiciansCast Podcast Station
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About ArtistServer
Launched in 2001, ArtistServer provides extensive RSS feed support, podcasting and blog services that are used by nearly 5.000 artists of all genres to host and promote their music. Typically, the site is accessed by more than 20,000 music fans, plus a host of unique visitors, each month. Traffic continues to increase as new artists, content and services are introduced.

Consistently first to offer innovative features,, the site’s Ringtone Section and Service, is unique to ArtistServer. With IndieMobile, artists can upload an MP3 ringtone along with every song hosted on the site. The site provides a 'transfer tool' to assist visitors in downloading the free ringtone or sending it to their phone. Music Map, a "Mashup" of Yahoo! Maps and the music on ArtistServer, allows visitors to select a musical genre, view its distribution on a map, zoom in, click on artists, and listen to their music. The site also offers, a playlist generator that pulls music from ArtistServer's enormous catalog of independent breakbeat, new age, indie, techno, grunge and other music genres.

Updates and new features continue to be rolled out on ArtistServer every few weeks. The site will soon be offering, photo and video sharing as well as “Ringtone Widget,” a service that will allow anyone to offer ArtistServer ringtones from their own site or blog. A chart describing all of the features ArtistServer offers is at http// For more information, contact