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Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2006 --Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are fast becoming the “must-have” addition to any small business. Why open your own business performing a service you dislike? Providing clients with top-notch support at a moderate price, these administrative professionals come from various industry backgrounds and skills differ from person to person. What they do all have in common is a love for their work and a commitment to quality. Ros Null, of The Edge Virtual Assistance, ( ), is one such professional.

After working as an Executive Assistant in the insurance industry for many years, Null longed for a change of pace and a position that would keep her busy and on her toes. It was only after joining a film service and production house in Cape Town, South Africa, that Null at last found her niche. Working as a Production Secretary, assisting Producers and Directors was exactly the right role for her. Many of you will know that Cape Town is the hub for Advertising shoots because of the beautiful and diverse locations, available against a favorable exchange rate, and Null had the opportunity to work with agencies both large and small from all four corners of the globe. She has had her hand in all aspects of film production and has a sound knowledge of just about everything that goes on behind the scenes, from research and scripting for films, to final billing of clients.

It is this wide range of experience that Null now brings to The Edge Virtual Assistance. After her marriage to an American national, Null moved to the United States and left this position behind her, opting to go it alone. The Edge Virtual Assistance is a relative newcomer to the VA industry and was created when Null saw a gap in the Virtual Assistant market for a Production Secretary, someone who possessed the necessary industry-related knowledge and skills that would enable her to offer remote support to smaller production houses. These smaller houses work under strict budgets and often the Producers can be found burning the midnight oil, typing out screenplays with two fingers, or researching images for use as references in production meetings. “This is unnecessary,” says Null “if these Producers hired a Virtual Production Secretary to assist them in their projects, they would be able to shift their focus to the really important issues such as funding, crewing, location scouting, etc.”

The Edge is geared towards Film Industry support and the service offered includes quote research, script typing, story-board layout, assembly of mood and feeler boards, image reference searches and assistance with Director’s treatments. The Edge also offers a Virtual Administration service to those small-businesses operating outside of the Film Industry, such as Personal Assistant support, Office Assistance and even Marketing Assistance. They truly are set up to help give YOUR business The Edge!

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