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Alternative Therapeutic Day School Brings Hope to Bipolar Families

The SOS school turns the family around in 3 weeks.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2006 --Whenever chronic behavior issues have popped up, parents have been historically faced with few choices. They could enroll their child in a private school (most of which won’t accept students with “problems”). They could home school their child (being a parent is already tough enough). They could move their family to another city in the hopes that a new school in a new town might be just the thing. Or, sadly, the family’s only hope may seem to be a residential treatment program, with the family split apart for up to a year or more. Some of these choices have worked for a lucky few families. Most have only set up temporary false hope. Now there’s a new option.

Set On Success (SOS) is a therapeutic day school. It incorporates all necessary curriculum to maintain the student education level. More importantly, SOS focuses on the issues of quality behavior management with the goal of returning to traditional classroom as quickly as possible. Each school session lasts only 3 weeks, making it possible to integrate success into the family unlike anything tried before.

Families who have lived in the shadow of Bipolar disorder will now experience success, as parents and the child move back into the mainstream.