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Seniors Discounts Compares Senior Travel Insurance Providers

Seniors Discounts investigates travel insurance options available to the mature traveller.


London, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2006 --Seniors Discounts, provider of discounts and news for people 50 plus, investigates the options available to people over 50 who are embarking on a holiday or trip away and require affordable travel insurance.

Senior travel insurance has always been seen as overly expensive for many. Once you reach a certain age the price of the policy rises exponentially for each subsequent birthday. Fortunately the growing number of people 50 plus, now exceeding 19 million in the UK, with high levels of disposable income and a thirst for travelling is creating a ground swell of competition in the senior travel insurance market.

Seniors Discounts researched over 10 different travel insurance providers for people 50 plus to compare pricing and availability of travel insurance for seniors. The good news is prices are becoming more affordable with more options available to the mature traveller, especially through the internet as opposed to traditional high street travel agents.

At the time of conducting the research Select Travel Insurance provided the cheapest quote, with a number of well known senior travel insurers close behind including Help the Aged, Saga Travel Insurance and Age Concern.

Seniors Discounts advises before deciding to purchase a policy make sure you are aware of what you’re covered for and any excess you may have to pay in the event of making a claim. Just because it’s the cheapest policy it doesn’t mean it’s the right travel insurance cover for you.

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