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Honest Lawyer Discloses Government Court Secrets

Honest California attorney who uncovered government conspiracy to hide truth about the federal courts is disbarred after a hearing without accusers, witnesses or testimony. Government does not want you to know how the courts are rigged in its favor.


Torrance, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2006 --The State Bar disbarred California attorney, Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera, when he disclosed the government conspiracy: federal trial courts have no judicial power. Government had to discredit Rivera and his findings in the only way it could, after 34 years he is no longer an Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Rivera is now free to reveal super-secret government information on the non-judicial federal courts in a CD book co-authored with computer wizard Christopher M. Hansen. The mammoth CD book of almost 6,000 pages, What Happened to Justice? Why You Can't Get Justice in Federal Courts and What to Do About It, is available only by special order from Canada explains and proves how ratification of the Constitution created a supreme Court with judicial power, but without a specific number of Judges.

Instead of determining the number of Judges, the First Congress created a non-judicial Supreme Court with a Chief Justice and five Associate Justices that must be inferior to the Constitution’s supreme Court. Substitution of Justices for constitutional Judges would violate the Constitution by an unlawful amendment process.

A U.S. Supreme Court with a Chief Justice and Justices must be inferior to the constitutional Article III supreme Court with Judges, so the federal district trial courts must be inferior to any supreme Court, hence, they cannot be Article III judicial courts.

For a limited time anyone with an Internet hookup can get access to and preview the CD book and research for free at: