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Web Entrepreneur Advisory Officially Launches EntrepreneurAdvisory.org Website

Straight news. Straight reviews. Straight advice.


Huntsville, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2006 --Web Entrepreneur Advisory is pleased to announce that EntrepreneurAdvisory.org. is now open to the public.

EntrepreneurAdvisory.org, designed to be a resource for the affiliate marketing community, is both technical and entrepreneurial in spirit. The site was developed for Search Engine Marketers seeking technical information, as well as entrepreneurs seeking new strategies for optimizing their Web properties. Beta-testers say it's refreshing to find an affiliate marketing website that tells it like it is.

"Our goal was to provide education and advice to affiliate marketing beginners," says Vincent Pagliani, Managing Editor of EntrepreneurAdvisory.org, "yet ultimately create an editorial architecture that's flexible and sophisticated enough to offer solutions to the most experienced marketers."

Site Highlights Include:

o Straight news and frank commentary
o Industrial strength, head-to-head affiliate product reviews
o Deciphering search engine marketing trends
o Tools and strategic planning guides to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions
o Search engine optimization advice
o Expose of unethical affiliate marketing practices

"Affiliate marketing has become a maze, an ever-changing and often bewildering landscape," Pagliani says. "It's a new internet economy, the rules are changing. And our site will adapt and change with them."

The Advisory does not accept ads from companies known to engage in unethical or unprofessional practices, and is not afraid to grind the occasional ax. Unscrupulous affiliate programs, payment providers, domain registrars or drop services -- all fall under the watchful eye of the Advisory. "It wouldn't surprise me," Pagliani adds, "if we ultimately evolved into the affiliate marketing 'alt' site."

EntrepreneurAdvisory.org visitors may surf freely and anonymously. No sign-up required. Web Entrepreneur Advisory is a consortium of veteran internet marketing consultants. Visit us on the web at http://www.entrepreneuradvisory.org.