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Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera, Discoverer Of The Non-Judicial U.S. Supreme Court, Defends Mel Gibson And The Jews.

Rivera thinks Mel Gibson should have blamed written law for his arrest. Judaism is to be credited with the perfection of written law but it not to blame for written law’s injustices, which include the world’s wars.


Torrance, California -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2006 --Mel Gibson’s arrest for speeding and DUI on July 28, in Malibu by a Jewish Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy was not the fault of the Jews. Gibson has since twice confessed to the admittedly despicable anti-Semitic behavior of blaming Jews for all the wars of the world. It’s the government’s idiotic written laws that are driving Mel to drink, says Rivera.

Why does a highly successful man like Mel Gibson explode with such rage when confronted by a government authority figure? Dr. Rivera, now free of the attorney’s oath not to embarrass courts and judges, can divulge organized law’s secrets, reveals that government has used the Jewish experience to create a maze of written laws with only hypothetical victims.

Rivera warns that the havoc caused by written laws is unfairly associated with Judaism, because of that religion’s long reliance on them. Judaism devised written law to control Jewish men and the federal government has merely perfected the idea in its attempt to control the world. Christianity was a formal break with written law, but governments especially the federal government have used it to create a state religion of sorts.

Because Jews represent a substantial percentage of the lawyers, judges and court administrators, many people think the Jews are responsible for every problem created by written law. Rivera discovered that Jews had little to do with the commercial system of justice created by the First Congress of the United States and continued by every succeeding Congress since.

Men are in rebellion all over the world against over political systems over extended by written laws that they didn’t create. The CD book: What Happened to Justice? Why You Can't Get Justice in Federal Courts and What to Do About It, describes how big government uses written law to subjugate the very people who are looking to it to secure their freedom.

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Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera