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Legends Of America Takes On Deadwood


Shawnee, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2006 --Deadwood, South Dakota’s Wild West history is brought to life with HBO’s acclaimed cable series, Deadwood. But Legends of America (www.legendsofamerica.com), along with millions of viewers, beg to know what are the facts and what is purely fiction. Was George Hearst really that evil? Did Seth Bullock truly have an affair with Alma Garret? And what about Cy Tolliver? Was he even in Deadwood? These and many more questions can be answered in Legends of America’s newly expanded pages on the wild and wooly mining camp that boomed during the Black Hills gold rush of 1876. Legends of America takes on the writers of the show, laying out the facts of Deadwood’s characters, the places of business, and going in-depth into the city’s illustrious past.

The newly expanded pages bring readers up close and personal with Aunt Lou, E.B Farnum, Al Swearengen and the Painted Ladies of Deadwood Gulch; the true stories of Sol Star and Charlie Utter, and the rich history of this legendary town in the American West. Legends of America is a website full of fun and surprises on everything from outlaws to Route 66, but recently web surfers have clicked by the thousands on Legends’ Deadwood pages (http://www.legendsofamerica.com/WE-DeadwoodHBO.html), longing for more than the HBO Deadwood series can offer.

Legends of America owner and editor, Kathy Weiser of Lenexa, Kansas, even paid a visit to Deadwood last month in an effort to capture the essence of the town for herself. Weiser is no stranger to digging in deep on a subject, traveling the American West for the past several years, writing on everything from Ghost Towns to ghostly tales, travel destinations and more. Her work on Route 66 and the Old West is acclaimed by some to be the most extensive views available on the web wide world.

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