We Guarantee Your Input Counts


Bardonia, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2006, the first community travel website providing family specific ratings on hotels, airlines, cruise lines and adventure travel companies, guarantees that your opinion counts. At, a full paragraph or page is not required to get your opinion posted. Chief Critic, Monica Levine-Sauberman notes, “Internet users are busy people, let’s be honest, they don’t have time to write paragraphs about their stay at a hotel. A short comment is valuable to us, because we have a dynamic rating system that provides even more information that is easily comparable.”

Family Vacation Critics provides a rating system that focuses on 10 family travel criteria ( for example, activities for teens, pools and water fun, handling of carriages, etc.) Other well-known travel rating sites use primarily a one line, five point system and then rely heavily on the comments of users. Often ratings inputted that do not have long, detailed descriptions are not even accepted --- so your rating doesn’t count. COO, Andrea Levine a mom of four and grandmother of two knows that, “moms and dads are busy people and may not have time to put in such detailed descriptions and comments. Therefore, our multi-criteria, family specific rating system is optimal for getting and communicating information about travel experiences. If a site uses only a one-line, five point system, the ability to really choose the “best” is limited.”

At, in addition to family specific criteria for ratings, users can evaluate the best hotels within a specific city based on the criteria that is important to them. This unique feature takes the search functionality to a new level. CFO Jolienne Rutter describes this functionality –“Let’s say a family wants to go to Boston, MA. They can not only see the Top 25 hotels in that city, but they can choose a different criteria – such as babysitting services or kids camp, and see which hotel was rated the highest for each of these specific criteria. Armed with this type of knowledge, better travel decisions can be made – on a family by family basis.”

When family travelers visit, their travel experience are important. With a targeted rating system and no mandatory requirement to write long comments, we guarantee your input really counts.

About Family Vacation Critics, Inc.

Family Vacation Critics, Inc. (FVC) is a privately held company that has launched the first website on the Internet to provide family specific ratings of hotels, airlines, cruise lines and adventure travel companies. Founded in 2004 by avid family travelers Monica Levine-Sauberman, Andrea Levine and Jolienne Rutter, FVC provides in-depth content on the family travel experience based on the reviews and comments of a community of family travelers-our critics." FVC is headquartered in New York. For a press kit online visit us at, or call FVC at 201-391-1180.