pcHELPlus!™ Launches Simplified Format and Approach to Internet Security Reviews

Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Firewall Software Ratings and More in Easy-to-Understand Terms Is A "Welcomed Site"


Longwood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2006 --John Durning, the co-founder and software analyst of pchelplus.com, an Internet security software review website, states, "The rampant cases of 'identity theft,' thousands of computer viruses being released yearly, and the brash and bold ways that many hackers invent to hijack computer operating systems prompted me to want to help people in the field of Internet security."

He also states, “I've purposefully designed the site to not be so technical. Anyone, whether they are just learning or experienced, can benefit from what we make available.”

Internet security is a hot topic and a big issue for many. For example, the worldwide financial impact of virus attacks in 2005 was $14.2 billion, according to the Computer Economics' “2005 Malware Report: Executive Summary” of the “2005 Malware Report: The Impact of Malicious Code Attacks.” Even though this figure is quite less than the previous year, this is still very costly, adding to the steep price to try to rectify the problem.

Mr. Durning was asked, “How does one avoid 'tech thieves' from gaining access to sensitive personal information from one's computer? How does one choose the right anti virus, anti spyware and firewall protection software that will help do this?”

“pcHELPlus!(tm) has made it simple and easy to get the answers. After various spyware removal, anti virus and firewall software products are examined, our findings are then posted on our website, in uncomplicated language, stating what Internet security software systems are 'the best value' for your dollar. There are also other features on the site that give additional information and help as well,” he stated.

pcHELPlus!(tm), along with their reviews, offer a free subscription to their newsletter filled with tips on how you can get the most out of your computer. There's a snippet section with interesting facts that may surprise you, an archive of previous newsletters, and a glossary page with simplified definitions of the various computer terms used in their reviews.

Presented in an attractive and uncluttered format, pchelplus.com provides informative, vital, and practical insight for anyone looking for the right kind of Internet protection, plus more, for their computer.