David Andersen Pianos

David Andersen Pianos Fine-Tunes The Art of Piano Restoration

David Andersen Pianos offers full restoration and maintenance services for pianos, including tuning, voicing, and action regulation


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2006 --David Andersen Pianos, a complete piano restoration and maintenance business, is acquiring a reputation for some of the best piano related services in Los Angeles. A full-fledged piano business, they offer complete, up-to-date piano restoration services in addition to new and restored pianos for sale through their partner, The Atelier. Comprised of highly-qualified piano experts, they are run by a group of professionals who truly love what they do.

Services they offer include evaluation, custom remanufacturing and restoration of vintage and grand pianos, grand piano action enhancements, tuning, voicing, and even a recording and performance space for artists. Unique among other piano businesses, David Andersen Pianos takes their clients with them each step of the way. They are open to questions and freely share their knowledge of pianos with their clients.

“As you browse through our website,” says owner David Andersen, “you’ll see that we love to educate people about the beauty of custom piano restoration. It’s important for us to let piano lovers know the truth about pianos as we see it; to clear up some of the myths, half-truths and outright ‘untruths’ that seem to pervade our business. We throw our doors open wide, so to speak, and allow our clients to see and hear everything we do.”

Key Features & Benefits

• Custom restoration and of vintage and grand pianos;
• Analysis of piano for tuning, voicing and action regulation;
• Experienced, professional service and highly-qualified, experts;
• Evaluation of piano custom performance enhancement;
• New and used pianos;
• Eliminate existing defects and tonal problems;
• Re-engineering of average, mediocre, or poorly designed actions;
• Upon the sale of a piano or completion of restoration services, clients receive a list, complete with pictures, of all work done to their piano.

About David Andersen Pianos
DavidAndersenPianos.com is an established, full-service piano business offering restoration and maintenance services for pianos in the Los Angeles area. They also sell pianos through their affiliate business, The Atelier. They are known for exceptional service and each of their employees is trained and licensed in piano restoration and maintenance.