High Performance Coatings, Inc.

High Performance Coatings, Inc. Announces State-Of-The-Art Nanotechnology East Coast High Performance Coatings Production Facility In Whitsett, North Carolina

HPC, (a wholly owned subsidiary of nCoat), a partner in North Carolina’s nanotechnology initiative known as “A Roadmap for Nanotechnology in North Carolina’s 21st Century Economy”


Bluffdale, UT and Whitsett, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2006 --High Performance Coatings, Inc. (HPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of nCoat, Inc., today announced the opening of its new East Coast facility to produce and apply state-of-the-art nano-structured and micron particulate high performance coatings.

The new 55,000 square foot HPC plant will include facilities to anchor East Coast operations, including production, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. The facility is located in Whitsett, N.C.

Today’s announcement was made at a joint press conference held at the new facility by HPC and key government officials from the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina used today’s media event to launch a new nanotechnology initiative known as, “A Roadmap for Nanotechnology in North Carolina’s 21st Century Economy.” James T. Fain III, Secretary of Commerce for the state of North Carolina, indicated at the news conference that the state launched its new nanotechnology initiative at the HPC facility in Whitsett because the company has not only innovated nanotechnology products, but HPC is already selling nano-products in several industries.

“North Carolina welcomes to our great state a true leader in the nanotechnology industry,” Fain said. “HPC’s current commercial nanotechnology products perfectly fit the business model that North Carolina wishes to attract and retain under our new nanotechnology roadmap. The jobs they bring enhance key industries already operating in North Carolina.”

HPC chose the Whitsett location as a result of a partnership with the state’s Office of Economic Development. HPC officials project that the facility will bring 200–300 new jobs to the region in the next three years. The new HPC facility will continue to focus on protective and appearance coatings for heat management, corrosion and abrasion resistance and friction reduction.

“HPC provides the highest quality performance coatings for automotive, OTR trucking, oil and gas, defense and aerospace markets,” said Paul Clayson, chairman and chief executive officer of nCoat. “North Carolina is rich with manufacturing and distribution facilities for all of these industries and their proximity to many of our key customers is perfect. In addition, the state’s focus on nanotech development will help create the critical partnerships we need for future product enhancement. Through this partnership with North Carolina, we will be able to deploy tiny technology with enormous results.”

HPC’s Whitsett operations are located at 7237 Pace Drive and the local phone number is 336-449-6880.

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Formed in 2004, nCoat, Inc. is an emerging nanotechnology company with new nanoscale and traditional micro- and macro-formulated products that make it an international leader in the development and marketing of coatings applied to metal, ceramics, fabric and other materials. It specializes in nanotechnology research, commercialization, licensing and distribution, and through its subsidiary companies develops and distributes commercially viable proprietary nanotechnology and traditional coatings products. nCoat has identified key nano-level particulates and processes that produce previously unknown and unexploited properties for use in multiple markets and has seized the opportunity to use nano-structured coatings and processes in mature industries. For more information about nCoat’s cutting-edge coatings, please visit the company’s Web site at http://www.ncoat.com/ or call toll-free at 800-668-5455.