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InterVideo InstantON Technology Integrated with Lenovo 3000 V Series Notebooks


Fremont, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2006 --InterVideo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) a leading provider of software solutions to tier-one consumer electronics and PC manufacturers, announced today that its innovative InstantON technology is now shipping on the new Lenovo® 3000 V Series Notebook PCs. InterVideo and Lenovo have partnered together to offer consumers a light and compact notebook with great entertainment features.

With the integration of InterVideo InstantON technology with Lenovo 3000 V Series notebooks, consumers have a mobile entertainment machine combined with all the features of a business notebook. InterVideo’s innovative InstantON technology allows users to enjoy watching DVD/VCDs and listen to music without having to wait for Windows® to load on their notebooks. After a quick boot-up, all of the consumer electronic features immediately come to life. With a click of a button, viewers can watch VCD/DVDs with superior clarity or they can listen to music with crisp, clear sound based on WinDVD®, InterVideo’s award-winning DVD playback software with over 100 million installations around the world.

Available worldwide, the new Lenovo 3000 V Series is designed to meet the needs of very mobile professionals seeking an ultra-portable widescreen notebook. The system offers a 12.1” display with a premium silver exterior and starts at only 4.0 lb., providing ultimate mobility. Included in these notebooks are Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, Windows® XP Professional or XP Home Edition OS, up to 2GB DDR2 memory storage, 100GB HDD and Intel® Extreme Graphics Media Accelerator 950 graphics. Additionally, it is wirelessly connected through Intel PRO/Wireless LAN and with Bluetooth capability. The new multimedia function keys are built into the keyboard, making it easy to access InterVideo InstantON and play DVDs and CDs with the touch of a finger.

Lenovo 3000 V Series Notebooks with InterVideo InstantON technology are now available worldwide. For more information, please go to

InterVideo InstantON is currently available from InterVideo only to OEMs for evaluation and integration and is not sold as stand-alone retail software. The modular nature of the product enables OEMs and middleware developers to create customized solutions and to incorporate only the features that are required for a particular device. InstantON, includes the full stack of OS, BIOS, drivers, modules (engines), applications, user interface and remote control optimizations. InterVideo also offers consulting services to assist OEM InstantON with product planning and customization, hardware driver fine-tuning, third party company software integration, planning test procedures and product updates.

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