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SpaCapsule completes first International Distributor Certification course


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2006 --SpaCapsule, a Miami-based manufacturer has announced the completion of its first Distributor Certification course.

“Customer Service has become our number one priority.” Stated Allen Licht, Managing Director, “Our existing customers are getting the benefit of lifetime marketing support, improved communication and unequalled support.”

SpaCapsule customers are not concerned with what makes the unit work. They just want to be able to push the button and make money. The training of the distributors will drastically reduce the down time on our machines.

SpaCapsule recently extended its warranty from one year to two years due to the minimal amount of service calls on recent sales.

“SpaCapsule has embarked on an aggressive growth plan over the last 6 months and the first certification course marks a milestone in it accomplishment.” Stated Jeff Greene, VP of Sales. “The course is a requirement for new distributors and encouraged for existing distributors as the infrastructure was not in place at their inception.”

Distributors from the Netherlands, Columbia, Ecuador, Nigeria and the United Kingdom attended the course.

“Our Canadian, Saudi Arabian, New Zealand and Australian distributors are scheduled to attend the next course.” Stated Greene.

SpaCapsule is still looking for distributors for Italy, Mexico, Venezuela and Russia.

The requirements for consideration are:

• A business plan meeting minimum expectations.
• Minimum Net Worth of $250,000US.
• Three days at our Miami, FL headquarters for sales and technical training.
• Initial investment of 4 units with a commitment of at least 4 units per quarter.

“We do not mandate the type of business plan because there are so many potentially successful methods.” Stated Greene, “Whether our distributors begin in a Mall, retail location or mobile location is not important to us. We have found that effective marketing and exposure will make a distributor successful.”

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