MEC Labs Seeks Research Partners to Answer Questions About Online Video Marketing

How Valuable is Video for Marketers in a Web 3.0 World


Atlantic Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2006 --In today’s world of YouTube, Google Video and MySpace, a camera and a little creativity can be used to promote anything from a Barbara Walters news clip to a homemade video about the “Evolution of Dance.” (MEC) is accepting 10 research partners for a comprehensive six-month study where MEC will explore the use of online video as a marketing tool.

“While marketers recognize the power and weight video is gaining with consumers and search engines, we still have a lot to learn about how online video can be used to market a product or service, drive free traffic to a Web site and increase page views per visit,” said Jalali Hartman, director of strategy for MEC. “Preliminary research for this study is giving us an exciting glimpse at the way online video may completely change the way companies market themselves online. We also anticipate this study will show us if video will become as crucial for search engine optimization today as search terms were in the 1990’s.”

Participants in the study will receive:
§ Design, hosting and production of one professionally produced video offer page,
§ Design, hosting and production of one professionally produced video trailer for distribution to major online video sites,
§ Design of one e-mail to introduce and distribute video, and
§ Research partnership recognition and study results featured in Marketing Experiments Journal.

MEC has a proven track record when it comes to discovering the most effective methods in Internet marketing. In a recently published study, MEC tested a series of carefully crafted e-mail messages in an attempt to recover abandoned orders for a large online service provider. Over a six-month period, the company was able to recover more than 4,000 lost sales. Beyond the nominal cost of sending the e-mails, these 4,000 sales were obtained without any additional marketing costs – dramatically increasing yield-per-visit and return-on-investment. MEC anticipates its upcoming online video marketing study will be just as insightful.

There is a one-time production and research fee for the applicants who participate in the MEC online video marketing study. To apply for the study or for more information please visit

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