Garage Doors: Women Are Involved In the Decision-Making Process

The garage is fast emerging as a liveable addition to the home.


St.Georges, Quebec, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2006 --One of the hottest trends in today’s market is garage makeovers. Once considered just a parking spot or catch-all for storage overflow, the garage is fast emerging as a liveable addition to the home. The image of the garage has changed and women want to be a part of this. In a recent survey, commissioned by reality brokers Century 21, homebuyers were asked what they believed to be the most important amenity in the home-buying decision. Unbelievable as this may sound, 74 percent listed the garage.

Garages are also becoming bigger, and two thirds of new homes built today have two-car garages. It’s no wonder women are now a key player in the decision making when it comes to replacing or purchasing a new garage door. According to Kareen Roy, Marketing Coordinator at Garaga Inc., women frequently come up to our garage door specialists and say : ``If I am going to have something that big attached to my home, you bet I want it to look fabulous and give added value to the neighbourhood.’’

The next step is making the right choice in door style, colour, window designs and decorative hardware. This can seem like a complicated process however Garaga has simplified this by catering all their literature with aesthetics and women in mind with a floral theme.

“Our products vary from simple non-insulated doors for sheds or a boat house to very energy efficient insulated doors that stop air infiltration and keep in the heat. With sky rocketing fuel costs, energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind especially the ladies who see the utility bills come in.” says Kareen Roy.

She also notes that female customers are looking for product quality, curb appeal and a wide choice. “Garaga has made sure to answer this need by updating our web site and online Design Center where you can create your own garage door in five quick and easy steps, print it out and take it to the nearest door specialists for an estimate”.

Garaga insists their dealers use the Consultant Approach and for Kareen this much welcomed by the male dominated industry. “The best advice I can give men for serving female customers is simple: listen to what they are saying and sell them what they are asking for. Most importantly, make your showroom inviting, clutter free and pleasing to the eye.’’

Men and women are so different emotionally, mentally and physically yet salespeople continue to sell their products to women the same old way they have always sold them to men. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is: Men go buying while women go shopping.

One of those differences is that a woman will see all the details through her five senses and view them in connection with each other. Kareen points out a few tips to her Garaga dealers: “Put a small scale door sample in their hand while explaining the features of Garaga’s high pressure foam insulation system. Walk customers over to your operating door to show the mechanism, door safety and have her listen to the quietness of the openers.’’

According to the Wall Street Journal, women are involved in the purchase of 61 percent of major home improvement products. And one out of three women are the sole decision-maker in these projects, it’s no wonder that manufacturers, distributors and vendors are capitalizing on this and paying attention to female customers and making sure their meeting their needs. If you need further information about garage doors and Garaga, don’t hesitate to visit the following link:


JF Desaulniers
Marketing Coordinator (Communications)
Garaga Inc.