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Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. Utilizes DustBoss® to Effectively Control Dust Emissions


South Plainfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2006 --Dallas Contracting Co., Inc., (website: http://www.dallascontracting.com) a specialized contractor providing demolition services, onsite concrete aggregate crushing and equipment salvage to various industries successfully suppressed dust emissions on a project in West Virgina by utilizing DustBoss® dust controlling equipment.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas Contracting) was hired by a leading manufacturer of cement and chemical admixtures to demolish a large portion of their old cement production plant in West Virgina to make room for a large plant expansion. Dallas Contracting was tasked with demolishing fourteen (14) silos and several other miscellaneous buildings and structures. All structures had significant dust accumulation on the outside as well as many of the silos were ½ to ¾ full of cement powder.

With the amount of dust and cement powder, demolition of these structures posed a significant dust control issue for Dallas Contracting, jobsite employees and neighboring bystanders. The conventional method of controlling dust has been a laborer holding a hose or a hose mounted to a fixed anchor mechanism. Fire hoses create water droplets 300 – 3,000 microns in size, which cannot cover a sufficient area to control the minute particles of dust emissions typical of a demolition project. In addition, dust suppression via fire hoses is an inefficient use of labor and natural resources. A better method needed to be evaluated to achieve proper dust suppression at this large, long-term demolition project.

Dallas Contracting selected the patent-pending DustBoss dust suppression system for its dust control needs. The DustBoss is a fully automatic oscillating ducted fan incorporating a high-pressure water misting system that creates a Virtual Dust Barrier™. This system can connect to a normal garden hose and eliminate manual labor and high water volumes typical of a manned fire hose dust suppression operation. Further, the DustBoss unit blankets between 5,500 - 21,000 square feet with a mist of 50-75 micron-sized dust-attracting water particles, the optimal size for agglomeration of dust particles—coating the dust and driving it to the ground.

At this cement plant demolition project, two (2) DustBoss units with portable generators were utilized. The DustBoss units were setup to create a dust barrier between the area to be demolished and the active plant. The Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) was also onsite and observed the units in operation. The units were very effective in suppression of dust emissions, therefore, no dust complaints were filed. John Sisto, President of Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. stated, “We were very pleased with the effectiveness of the DustBoss units on this demolition project. The demolition of the silos was a potential dust pollution and health nightmare and these units effectively resolved this issue for us. In addition, with MSHA onsite we were very pleased that we received no dust complaints due to the effective dust suppression achieved with the DustBoss units. We would use these units again on a project of this nature”.

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