FOREX Business School - Affordable Currency Trader Education

FOREXBusinessSchool.com is scheduled to launch online currency trader education during mid September 2006.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2006 --College professor, and experienced investment advisor, Leonard Cox, has been chosen to lead the development team for FOREX Business School. “When I received my MBA from Harvard Business School, with a focus on finance, I never expected the need to continue professional development studies to prepare to be a successful currency trader” says professor Cox.

Professor Cox continues, “even with a world class business degree I still spent over $30,000 on continuing education focusing on gaining a solid understanding of the FOREX markets. I am so glad that I made the additional investment. I have been a very successful currency trader for over 15 years.”

The FOREX Business School educational program is designed for those prospective, and active, currency traders that understand the need for academic preparation to help ensure success in the currency trading markets.

According to professor Cox “for only a few hundred dollars, FOREX Business School students will receive the same level of education, knowledge, and training (and much more) that costs me over $30,000.”

The FOREXBusinessSchool.com course covers up-to-date versions of the most common FOREX educational topics. It is the vast supplemental resources and built-in reference materials that make this course far different from anything else. The value offered by this Understanding FOREX Markets course is incomparable. To get this much knowledge, education, and information would cost thousands of dollars in business college tuition.

We understand why over 90% of currency traders are losers and FOREX Business School is here to change many of those traders into winners! Let ForexBusinessSchool.com help you to help yourself become a winning currency trader.

With this new site FOREXBusinessSchool.com anyone can learn what they need to in order to make money as a professional currency trader.

For more information please visit: www.FOREXBusinessSchool.com