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Tanning Salon Industry diversifies with SpaCapsule


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2006 --The tanning industry has evolved from a being a single bed in the corner of a gym, to tanning salons offering full lines of products as well as many amenities you would normally find at a health spa type establishment. The huge growth in the tanning industry has necessitated that salons provide unique services to differentiate themselves and provide a competitive advantage. By adding ancillary services to an existing tanning salon, owners are creating multiple streams of income and providing customers with a complete source for all of their body care needs. In fact, many salon owners are realizing that diversification is essential to steady profit centers.

Tanning salons have a loyal customer base, which come to their facility to achieve a great-looking tan while relaxing and getting a little "me time." Many salons are offering a number of ancillary services that can help add additional revenue with a minimal investment of money and staff. A SpaCapsule® hydro-massage unit fits this profile perfectly - providing a wide range of health benefits and adding additional revenue to the bottom line without having to deal with additional staff.

In a recent study on the tanning industry, 92% of the tanners said that indoor tanning made them feel rested - the warmth and peace is relaxing. In addition, 91% felt that indoor tanning allowed them to take a break from stress - where cell phones, pagers and other high-tech modern intrusions can't reach them. Finally, 84% reported that they tan indoors because of the warmth - a factor especially important during the peak winter months.

In a separate survey, 96% of tanners said that they enjoy massage, 84% would pay for the ability to get an “unlimited massage” program and 99% felt massage was a good gift.

These are precisely the type of customers who readily value the numerous benefits of regular massage sessions in a SpaCapsule®.

“SpaCapsule® has improved my traffic and improved my cash flow.” stated Jeff Mortland, Paradise Tanning.

SpaCapsule® requires minimal maintenance and can pay for itself in less than 4 months. The Company has recently extended its standard warranty to two years and sales are increasing at a dramatic pace. “We are seeing dramatic increases in our web traffic and our sales inquiries” stated Jeff Greene, VP of Sales. “Tanning Salons have been among our most active industries to embrace SpaCapsule® as an additional service to their customers and more money for their bottom line.”

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