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Consumer Utility Services Launches a Consumer Guide to Double Glazing

One of a series of free consumer guides, the consumer guide to double glazing offers an impartial best practice guide to homeowners wishing to purchase double glazing.


Cheshire, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2006 --Consumer Utility Services this week launched a new impartial guide providing advice to homeowners seeking to buy double glazing for their home. The guide covers consumer best practices for buying double glazing in easy to manage sections from obtaining quotes, through to contracts, payment and what to do if things were to go wrong with the installation.

The double glazing industry has been tarred with a somewhat questionable reputation with pressure selling and telemarketing a common complaint, the Consumer Guide to Double Glazing provides a step by step checklist for consumers to follow in order to avoid these pitfalls and take advantage of a service that will certainly save money on utility bills and reduce noise pollution in the home. The guide begins by providing advice on obtaining quotes, what should be expected in a double glazing contract along with legal ramifications, payment terms and what should be done if the installation is not completed to a satisfactory standard.

Initially, the guide stresses the importance of obtaining at least four quotes from independent providers and offers a checklist to the consumer for selecting a double glazing company. Aspects of the double glazing contract are then provided with details of what should a consumer should expect to see in a standard double glazing contract and what payment options will likely be offered. The legal aspects are then covered with an emphasis on consumer rights from a UK perspective and how potential complaints due to unsatisfactory work should be undertaken. Finally, the guide concludes with a list of useful UK double glazing trade contacts.

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