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Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2006 --JACKSONVILLE, FL - Software602, Inc. announced today the release of the new, updated version of 602LAN SUITE Content Filter. This new update of the easy-to-install and manage proxy server with integrated content filter uses the latest PureSight active recognition engine to control Internet access. Redesigned rule management provides a simplified configuration that will save time on system configuration.

602LAN SUITE Content Filter was designed to help make the Internet safe and productive for users of all ages. With this solution in place, teachers and parents can be ensured that inappropriate web content will not distract children. Administrators and managers can control access to certain web sites that will increase employee productivity and limit the legal liability associated with pornography and illegal file downloads.

Unlike conventional filtering solutions that focus on a keyword blacklist or a database of objectionable web pages, 602LAN SUITE Content Filter can accurately determine and classify the content of a web page in real-time. This process is fully automated and does not require daily updates that are common in database driven solutions.

The 602LAN SUITE Content Filter will automatically classify web content into 22 different categories such as: Sex, Gambling, Violence, Drugs, Shopping, Sports, Chat, Dating and more. A URL Whitelist and Blacklist provide an easy way to customize the solution for any organization, along with blocking sites that are not included in the original categories (e.g. social networking sites). Support for the industry standard ICRA (RSACi) PICS and SurfSafe rating system provides appropriate categorization of the web page by the author.

The 602LAN SUITE Content Filter is available for $299.95 for small networks (up to 25 computers) and the unlimited user version is $999.95. No annual subscription fees make this solution a great network investment for any organization with a tight budget.

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Software602 is an international software vendor providing technology for businesses. Other popular products are 602LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition - Secure mail server with built-in anti-virus & anti-spam, along with 602PC SUITE - An alternative to Microsoft Office and Print2PDF Server Edition - An affordable PDF converter for organizations. Software602 is based in Jacksonville, Florida with customers in over 200 countries.

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