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New School Fund Raiser Launched by ESC Promotions

This year's school fundraiser can be more profitable than last year's with ESC Promotions' new hybrid discount card program.


Pendleton, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2006 --Having listened to their customers, ESC Promotions has created a new school fund raiser program. By taking the most popular features of their two discount card programs and combining them into their new 'hybrid' program, ESC is able to offer their best school fundraiser ever.

"In enabling groups to sell discount cards on both a wholesale and consignment basis, this new school fund raiser is our response to requests from customers who have suggested this as an option," states Chad Wolfe, president of ESC Promotions. "It was frequently the case that groups quickly sold out of the discount cards they bought wholesale, having not expected to experience such success with their school fundraiser. They often wished to continue their sales when they found how easy it was to sell them. This year, groups will now be able to realize even greater profits than with their past school fund raiser."

The best part about the new, flexible hybrid program is that there is no risk when selling the cards on a consignment basis. Other school fundraisers require a high minimum order for wholesale discount cards, with no option for selling extras on consignment. "This sometimes scares school groups, who may not have much experience with such a school fund raiser," states Mr. Wolfe. ESC Promotions expects to win a tremendous number of school customers this year simply due to the unique features of their discount card fundraiser program.

Detailed information about this particular school fundraiser is available on ESC's website in the section entitled 'discount card fundraiser'. There are also several other programs and products recommended in the section entitled 'Elementary School Fund Raisers'. ESC's website is a great resource for school groups researching for their next fund raiser.

Known for high-quality school fundraisers like their trademark Power Cardâ„¢ discount card fundraiser, ESC Promotions provides lucrative and easy fundraising ideas to organizations across the US which are tailored to each group's needs. By providing free advice from their fundraising experts, ESC enables organizations can get the help they need in finding the right program.

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