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Phone Tap Advisory Issued by Indianapolis PI

Cell phone tapping has become an issue for the public, but it is clearly misunderstood. One Indianapolis PI offers clarification and recommendations for public phone tap awareness.


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2006 --Public interest in the field of phone tap detection has heightened in recent months due to concerns about President Bush's wiretapping policies. As a long-trusted expert in the phone tap detection industry, Indianapolis PI, Tim Wilcox, has been fielding numerous queries about the subject. Wishing to arm the general population with a proper understanding of the real issues, he has published some helpful facts to clear up confusion, especially about cell phone tapping.

"First, it is important for people to realize that it's very unlikely they would be a target of a government phone tap unless they happen to be engaged in suspected terrorist-related activities," states the Indianapolis PI. "Moreover, people need to understand the difference between a 'phone tap' and 'cell phone tapping'. People generally believe that 'cell phone tapping' is when someone is listening in on their cellular phone conversations ... like a phone tap on their mobile phone. For most people, they'll be glad to know that there is no such device for cell phone tapping." Mr. Wilcox clarifies that the only way to eavesdrop on cellular calls is to intercept the signal, which is a difficult and complicated process, requiring expensive government-controlled equipment. "Just about the only people who have access to such equipment are select government organizations, who must undertake a considerable amount of training and effort to intercept and monitor all calls on someone's cell phone."

The main concern for most companies and individuals regarding cell phone tapping is when a cell phone is being used as a bug. According to the Indianapolis PI, "In the eavesdropping world, there's a big difference between a phone tape and a bug. A 'bug' is a transmitter and a 'tap' is a phone line intrusion."

Wilcox's Indianapolis PI firm performs countless bug sweeps each year across the US. He explains that people have become confused by the misnomer 'cell phone tapping', thinking that their cell phones are vulnerable. In reality, Wilcox's PI firm in Indianapolis has seen an increase in recent years where victims of eavesdropping have had a cell phone on their premises which silently rings and answers calls made to it. The phones then transmit everything audible within its range back to the caller. He states that cell phone tapping devices (or 'bugs) are generally found concealed in common items, such as lamps, clocks and ornaments. "In most cases, the perpetrator is someone the victim knows."

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