Spacapsule® Massage Defines Religious Modesty

Users remain fully clothed and are not touched.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2006 --Massage Parlors have taken on negative connotations over the last hundreds of years as these are often veiled “houses of ill repute”. Thus massage, historically done by women, has been looked down upon by many whose modesty is guided by religious observance. SpaCapsule® has expanded its reach into Egypt and the Middle East with the unique Capsule design and the ability to administer a therapeutic massage to individuals who are fully dressed and without human touch. The benefits of massage are well known and documented.

Here are some newly reported benefits of massage:

Medical school students at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School who were massaged before an exam showed a significant decrease in anxiety and respiratory rates, as well as a significant increase in white blood cells and natural killer cell activity, suggesting a benefit to the immune system.

Preliminary results suggested cancer patients had less pain and anxiety after receiving therapeutic massage at the James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Women who had experienced the recent death of a child were less depressed after receiving therapeutic massage, according to preliminary results of a study at the University of South Carolina.

These and other benefits have eluded those who are uncomfortable undressing around strangers or have religious or ethnic aversion to disrobing or being touched by members of the opposite sex. SpaCapsule®, which provides a massage using a patented multi-jet technology, provides a relaxing massage that is variable depending on the individual user for pressure and pulsation while user remains fully clothed.

“Our sales to this segment of the market have been strong” stated Jeff Greene, VP of Sales. “I was not aware of the strict religious codes until coming to SpaCapsule®. This has been more of a chance encounter, but nonetheless great for sales.” “Our distributors in Egypt, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait are all seeing tremendous traffic. Even some Spa Capsule owners in the United States have commented on increased business serving customers whose religious modesty is a priority.”

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