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9/11 Worldwide Concert Event Expresses the Vision of Radical Unity through Music

The Wake-Up-America, Wake-Up-World, Radical Unity Concert. 9/11/2006 Free, Live, streaming worldwide webcast on from Future Studios. 7:00 P.M. Pacific / 10:00 P.M. Eastern. Visit to see a short trailer for this event.


Sedona, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2006 --With the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy upon us, coupled with the ineffective War on Terror -- as demonstrated by the slew of wars around the planet -- internationally recognized spiritual leader Gabriel of Sedona believes a new paradigm is needed. Seeing 9/11 not as a call to arms but as a wake up call to peace, Gabriel of Sedona has announced a new concert series with his Bright & Morning Star Band -- The Wake-Up-America, Wake-Up-World, Radical Unity Tour. The tour kicks off on 9/11/2006 with a free streaming worldwide live webcast on from Future Studios Performance Venue in Sedona, Arizona at 7:00 P.M. Pacific / 10:00 P.M. Eastern time. Visit to see a short trailer for this event.

Knowing no boundaries, Gabriel of Sedona’s CosmoPop® music encompasses a wide variety of genres -- including CosmoRock, CosmoCeltic, and CosmoMystical -- which incorporate lyrics that express both the sufferings of life and the courage of perseverance and hope, which leaves the listener with a new vision for their future. Gabriel of Sedona is no stranger to seeing the world’s problems and reaching out to offer a solution. He first recorded his song “Wake Up America” in 1986 on vinyl, released a new recording in 1996 on CD, and now, in 2006, is bringing its message to the world through his Wake-Up-America, Wake-Up-World, Radical Unity Tour.

“We’ve allowed our differences in race, religion, and ethnicity to come between us. We need to get away from the labels that separate us -- ­the ‘isms’. We need to come together as a planetary family, identifying ourselves as ascending sons and daughters of God,” says Gabriel of Sedona.

Gabriel of Sedona, as an activist spiritual leader, brings his message of radical unity to the world through not only his music but also through books, webcast teachings, and more. He is the founder of the nonprofit, independent record label Global Change Music and co-founded, along with Niánn Emerson Chase (a direct descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson), the highly successful international/intentional spiritual EcoVillage Aquarian Concepts Community, ­both in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

His band, The Bright & Morning Star Band, consists of 9 professional volunteer musicians who have been together for 11 years and complement his music with diverse instrumentation and tight harmonies. His CDs include Holy City, CosmoPop Millennium, and The God Child Came -- ­a cosmic Christmas album. He will soon release a fourth CD entitled Energy Master. Gabriel of Sedona and his band recently won an Aurora Award for “Best Live Music Concert” DVD, in professional company with Disney and Fox Media who were also recognized and awarded in their categories.

As an author, Gabriel of Sedona has written a number of books, including The Divine New Order, Into the New Millennium; The Cosmic Family, Volume I; and Teachings on Healing, From a Spiritual Perspective.

Believing that the years of the tribulation are now upon us, Gabriel of Sedona encourages individuals to find and/or create communities in which they can share their resources, time, and abilities with others to contribute to the foundation of a radical, new reality. His message has shaken the corporate media, as demonstrated by NBC Dateline, Entertainment Tonight, and VH1’s past coverage of him and his music. However, more are awakening to the very real and serious problems of the world and stand ready to unite behind this dynamic musician and true spiritual leader.

For more information on Gabriel of Sedona & The Bright & Morning Star Band or Global Change Music visit or call (928) 282-9139.