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Apprentice Winner Selects Team Double-Click

Kendra Todd, Winner Of Season Three Of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Real Estate Investor, Owner Of My House Real Estate, Chooses Team Double-Click As Source For Virtual Assistants


Lodi, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2006 --Team Double-Click, Inc., a virtual staffing agency that provides professional virtual office assistants and professional real estate virtual assistants for small and home-based businesses, has received the endorsement of Kendra Todd, winner of season three of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Todd is also a successful real estate investor and owner of My House Real Estate.

Todd currently uses the services of a Team Double-Click real estate-certified virtual assistant, a database management virtual assistant, and a virtual website designer. Through her relationship with Team Double-Click, Todd (like all Team Double-Click clients) has access to the company’s 9,000+ virtual assistants. Additionally, Todd no longer needs to interview and screen several candidates for each position she wants to fill since Team Double-Click performs the virtual assistant screening and interviewing in advance of client needs. The company also trains its virtual assistants in the areas of general virtual assistance, real estate virtual assistance, and transaction coordination for real estate. In addition, Team Double-Click offers its virtual assistants several other courses designed to further enhance their virtual office skills.

Hailed by users of the company’s services as critical to their businesses, Team Double-Click enables clients to reduce costs, increase their bottom line profits, and omit the hassles of hiring virtual assistants who may not be qualified. The company takes care of the most difficult aspects of staffing by offering ongoing support to its clients and virtual assistants and by managing and nurturing the client-virtual assistant relationship. In a recent interview, when Todd was asked how the company’s services compared to those of other virtual assistant agencies, without hesitation Todd said, “I can tell you just by comparing my experience so far with Team Double-Click versus working with virtual assistants in the past --it’s like night and day. When I was seeking out a new virtual assistant, it’s because I was frustrated with the lack of communication I had in the past with virtual assistants. I couldn’t be more impressed, and more thrilled with the level of follow-up, the level of expertise and knowledge, and just the numerous different people who are there to help me.” As part of its commitment to superior service, Team Double-Click provides its clients personalized attention throughout the staffing process and also has several points of contact in place for continued service once a VA is successfully placed. Gayle Buske, President and CEO of Team Double-Click, described the company’s virtual assistant base as “…extremely competent, well-educated, and hard working. We find that with people working from home, they are happier to do those late nights and late hours, because they can still see their families, and they are where they’re comfortable.”

In addition, Team Double-Click offers its clients a limited amount of complementary training time with each virtual assistant it places. This allows the client to further mold the virtual assistant to fit his/her own unique business. Each client is also assigned a client services representative (again, at no charge) to assist with problems and to help find solutions to both the human and technological aspects of working virtually. Another company representative mentors the virtual assistants to ensure that they are performing at their peak and servicing the client with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism.

With more affordable rates than are generally found within the virtual assistant industry, Todd adds, “What I have discovered with Team Double-Click is that not only are you all able to help me manage my database and do email campaigns, but you have people waiting in the wings to be able to coordinate with me to write phone scripts, and help call and update contact information, and then follow-up with my clients. I mean, the possibilities are endless. I’m really excited about all the different services I haven’t even tried yet, but I know I need. I didn’t even realize how much help was out there virtually until you all shared with me the abilities that you had to help me in these different ways.” Buske adds, “Team Double-Click is very pleased to add Kendra Todd to its list of raving fans and is looking forward to serving even more busy professionals who are in the market for an assistant...a virtual assistant, that is.”

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