Womans-Health.Net Announces The Start of Women's Breast Health Awareness Month


Pensacola, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2006 --The Woman's Health Network (WHN) continues to educate and inform about critical issues facing women's health, this time with the launch of a month-long campaign addressing Women's Breast Health ( The month long campaign will last from August 21st – September 21st.

With over 1 million women diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide and 1/2 million dying from the disease, Woman’s Health Network ( challenges women from all over the world to visit the site during breast health awareness month to educate themselves, not only about natural prevention of breast cancer, but holistic ways to promote breast health.

During the month-long Breast Health Awareness campaign, Woman's Health Network will publish articles on the site daily. Some of the topics that will be covered include breast health diet, breast cancer treatment, health tips for breast cancer patients, benefits of breast massage, herbs, vitamins and foods for breast health and many more topics.

Additionally, with the start of Women's Breast Health Awareness Month, WHN will also be formally launching its women's health forum ( where special invited health researchers and writers will be on hand to discuss a myriad of issues regarding women's breast health and reproductive health with website visitors.

Free downloadable e-books and reports will be given away throughout the month long campaign to active participants in the discussion forum.

“With the launch of the new discussion forum during Breast Health Awareness Month, we hope to provide a meeting place for women where they can share their experiences, and find support and answers to health issues or questions that they may have," says Sandra Clair, founder of Women's Health Network.

WHN's authoritative articles will serve to provide a foundation for the discussion forum during breast health awareness month, allowing visitors to the site to share information with each other and to enter into a dialogue with invited health researchers and writers.

Clair hopes that the new discussion board will develop into a community where women from all over the world can share their knowledge and support each other.

Launched January 2006, Womans-Health.Net is one of the Internet's largest sites for women's health information. Now a portal of almost 1000 pages, WHN provides comprehensive information about women's health and wellness.

To learn more about Women's Breast Health Month, please visit the breast health resource page at: