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Robert Morgen’s Easy Meditation CD Set Now Available!

CD Set "Robert Morgen’s Easy Meditation CD Set" reveals step-by-step methods that allow anyone to make a better Body/Mind/Spirit connection


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2006 --Robert Morgen, author of the popular book "Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery” (ISBN: 0-9773801-0-6) has just released a new CD Set with exercises based on the book and his personal experiences.

"Robert Morgen’s Easy Meditation CD Set" (ISBN 0-9773801-6-5) is a 4 disc compilation of guided meditations and meditation exercises. Personally written and recorded by Morgen, this CD Set includes:

"Easy Introduction to Meditation" (ISBN 0-9773801-2-2) (66:20) $19.95

Robert Morgen's "Easy Introduction to Meditation" provides the novice through high intermediate meditator with directions, exercises and guided meditations to help one learn to clear and control the mind, develop a great degree of higher self awareness and take more control over one's life.

The CD includes:
1. Introduction and Concepts of Meditation 5:06
2. Meditation Positions 5:44
3. Breathing for Meditation 5:45
4. Full Body Awareness 4:14
5. Intention and Awareness 5:45
6. Grounding 5:13
7. Progressive Relaxation 9:01
8. The Brain Scrub 3:56
9. The Secret Smile 21:31

"Advanced Meditation Exercises" (ISBN 0-9773801-9-X) (74:40) $19.95

Robert Morgen's “Advanced Meditation Exercises" provides exercises and guided meditations for the high intermediate to expert meditator. Using this CD will allow one to develop stronger abilities in concentration, visualization, moving, feeling and seeing energy and much more.

The CD includes:
1. Introduction to the Advanced Exercises 1:17
2. Feeling and Seeing Energy 10:06
3. Drawing Energy 9:35
4. Skin Breathing 5:55
5. The Microcosmic Orbit 10:50
6. Damo’s Cave 37:12

“Timed Meditations” (ISBN 0-9773801-8-1) (76:27) $19.95

Robert Morgen's “Timed Meditations" is designed to allow one to make time for meditation in an easily controlled manner. With timed music tracks that range from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, this CD allows one to take a few minutes and meditate any time, without worrying about how much time is available. With this simple CD it’s easy to grab a quick 5, 10 or 15 minutes to meditate during lunch breaks or other time sensitive periods.

1. Introduction to Meditation 5:06
2. 5 Minute Meditation
3. 10 Minute Meditation
4. 15 Minute Meditation
5. 20 Minute Meditation
6. 25 Minute Meditation

"Opening the Chakras" (ISBN 0-9773801-7-3) (73:16) $29.95

Robert Morgen's “Opening the Chakras“ introduces intermediate meditators to their chakra system. With brief, simple explanations Morgen guides listeners through the process of working with and opening the chakras. The powerful guided meditations on this CD have been the highlight of Morgen’s Seminars and classes.

The CD includes:
1. Intro to the Chakras 1:30
2. Drawing Energy into the Chakras 10:58
3. Hugging the Tree 10:58
4. Opening the Chakras 14:30
5. Becoming the Universe 36:00

“Personal Mastery is an incremental process,” says Morgen. “Rather than making huge, unsustainable changes, it’s all about developing your true self and becoming the person you were meant to be. No matter who or where you are, your path to your own Personal Mastery starts right NOW!”

About the Author
Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who holds a Black Belt in Hoshinjutsu and the founder of the Mystic Village Online Community at

He writes a regular column on subtle (or internal) energy for Fight Times Magazine and a column on Kundalini Awakening at He’s the author of 3 books and 4 CDs on meditation and energy work.

In addition to teaching about energy work and Kundalini Awakening he also donates time to teach about Renewable Energy, Alternative Building and Creating Sustainable Lifestyles in various Public Schools.

He’s a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as well as the International Bujinkan Dojo Association, Canemasters International and the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

He travels and teaches as much as possible and you can learn more about his books, Kundalini and Martial Arts Seminars and FREE newsletter and events at his website.

His new book “Easy Meditation for Martial Artists” (ISBN: 0-9773801-3-0) will be available in October, 2006.

"Robert Morgen’s Easy Meditation CD Set" (ISBN 0-9773801-6-5) is available at, retail outlets around the country and directly from the publisher at the website listed below.