ActivePoint Inc.

ActivePoint's TX5 Makes Smooth Sailing For Cellular Abroad's Phone Customers

ActivePoint Makes Navigating Cellular Abroad's 800-page A Breeze With Resulting Increased Sales


Netanya, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2006 --ActivePoint (, a maker of contextual e-catalogs and reporting tools for e-commerce, is revving up sales for Cellular Abroad, the number one online source for worldwide cellular service.

Cellular Abroad's 800-page e-commerce site offers visitors hundreds of distinct phone plans for individual countries as well as for multi-country travel so they can avoid expensive roaming rates by obtaining discounted in-country rates and unlimited free incoming calls, regardless of their origin.

ActivePoint's TX5 is the first e-commerce search tool that I have seen that actually gives you usable information that is practical, instead of lists of possible answers mixed in with completely unrelated information,"said Cellular Abroad President Sebastian Harrison. "The technology doens't slow down our site's performance, it's not intrusive, and the result is customers are ready to buy when they call us," he added. "Before TX5, they would call up and ask where to begin on our 800-page site, or they would get frustrated and leave the site," he added.

Cellular Abroad has noticed that the ActivePoint solution encourages customer self-service by allowing the user to ask a lot of technical questions and thereby reducing the amount of time his staff has to spend on the phone.

Today, e-commerce is all about converting visitors to your Web site into buyers by helping them make a decision and making it easy to buy," said Moshe Ofer, CEO of ActivePoint. "Cellular Abroad is a great example of how the TX5 technology is delivering double digit conversion rates for our customers," he added.

More than just a search engine, the TX5 uses a natural language engine that incorporates sentence contextual understanding to permit on-line users to find, compare, and be guided to the correct product. Users can ask about products in plain English and expect to receive a targeted response.

The technology also delivers the ability to capture frequently asked questions so they can populate the TX5's deep knowledge base to provide answers faster and more accurately. The more the TX5 system is used, the smarter it gets.