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Screaming Bee Provides Voice Changing Tips for Online Game, There

An online resource provides There players with useful information on voice changing. The educational page shows gamers how to easily integrate MorphVOX with the game.


Middleton, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2006 --Screaming Bee LLC has created an online gaming information area for players of the online game, There. This provides gamers with education and tips on how to best use MorphVOX voice-changing software with this virtual online world. This is one of the many game-related articles found in the Screaming Bee Gamer Information Center (GIC).

“There has built-in audio capabilities that integrate well with MorphVOX,” explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. “Our Game Information Center has expanded to include information helpful to There players who are looking to add voice changing to the game.”

As a player in There, Ramirez wanted to provide educational material on how best to use voice changing with the game’s built-in audio channel. Much of the material in this resource was drawn from his interaction with fellow gamers. In addition to providing tips on integrating MorphVOX with the game, the new educational page includes information on how to optimally use voice changing with There.

The There GIC resource can be found here: Players who need more information can browse the detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or the MorphVOX documentation area. The Screaming Bee Voice Clinic or Support Team is also available for further assistance.

MorphVOX can be used with other online games, like World of Warcraft, GuildWars, Eve Online, and much more. It works well with many of the online chat clients, such as TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Skype.

MorphVOX is currently being used by thousands of online gamers around the world to change their voice. Players can now speak like their character, whether they choose to sound like the opposite gender, an enormous troll or a tiny pixie.

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