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GlobalPositioningSystems.co.uk Retails First GPS Solution for Blackberry


North Yorkshire, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2006 --GlobalPositioningSystems.co.uk are amongst the first to offer TelMap Navigator UK Bluetooth for Blackberry devices. As a server-based GPS navigation solution, Blackberry users will receive up-to-date geographical guidance through their device without having to install any map data.

TelMap Navigator is a complete server-based GPS navigation solution for Blackberry users. The TelMap Navigator software, combined with the accompanying bluetooth GPS receiver, will guide users from any origin to any destination whether they are driving a car or walking. This works by downloading a corridor of navigation data around the specified route from the server using a GPRS connection.

Mr Owen Haigh, Product Manager of GlobalPositioningSystems.co.uk explains: "The significant advantage of a server-based GPS navigation solution is that users will receive transparent, up-to-date geographical data. There will be no need to install any map data, or worry about updating the software as roads change and new routes are built. The open architecture of the server platform also enables Points of Interest (POI) to be added and updated dynamically".

The TelMap Navigator UK provides Blackberry users with all of the latest GPS features offered by the most up-to-date GPS systems. Moving, print quality maps, free traffic information, voice guidance and speed camera locations, and the ability to optimise routes for speed or distance are amongst its features.

TelMap Navigator can also be combined with the functionalities of the Blackberry device to offer features that many standalone GPS units do not have. "The integration of TelMap Navigator with a Blackberry device means users can customise the application with their phone's address book, share their favourite locations with friends and family via text messages, or direct dial a Point of Interest from the millions within the database." Comments Mr Haigh.

The TelMap Navigator UK software for Blackberry (12 month licence) with bluetooth GPS receiver (included) is available now for £195.95 inc. VAT from http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/telmap-navigator-uk-bluetooth-for-blackberry-12-month-licence-description.html.