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Playdate Kids Publishing Expands with In-House Promotion

President of Playdate Kids Publishing, Tena Fanning, promotes Executive Assistant, Michelle Jefferson to VP of Operations.


Malibu, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2006 --Tena Fanning, President of Playdate Kids Publishing-- a new children’s publishing company, just announced that she has promoted her executive assistant, Michelle Jefferson to Vice President of Operations.

The promotion took place today, but the discussion had been on the table for over a week. Fanning is very excited to increase Jefferson’s responsibilities and knows she is up to the task. In fact, with The Playdate Kids book series coming out next month in September, the promotion came at the perfect time. Business is going to be very demanding for Playdate Kids Publishing.

Michelle Jefferson’s background experience in children’s literature is quite exceptional. From a member of the national honor society in school to the editor of her school newspaper, Michelle has always been brilliant. She dove into children’s literature once she became a library volunteer which lead her to work in the Barnes and Noble children's department for 6 years on and off throughout school.

Michelle attended Emerson College with an academic scholarship, and graduated highest honors (Summa Cum Laude) in only three years. Her educational background consists of a degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing with an emphasis on children's literature.

During college, Jefferson worked an internship in the editorial department for the renowned Candlewick Press. They are still one of the top publishers due to their reliability for high-quality books. After college, Jefferson came out to explore the west coast, since she had graduated early. She looked into working for production and media, even though she preferred working in children’s literature. She finally met Fanning and found a place where she not only used her publishing expertise, but also experienced media and production while assisting production for The Playdate Kids animated DVD movie available on

When asked about her success, Jefferson replied, “I am living my dream. I love The Playdate Kids characters and I cannot wait until our musical series hits the stores. I hope to influence young children to read, become their own person and exude confidence all while doing everything possible to ensure the DVD and book series’ success.” Tena Fanning, President of Playdate Kids Publishing said, "I always knew Michelle would be an asset to the company. She has been a great employee and she will definitely help make The Playdate Kids become a hit book series."

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