Nevron User Interface for .NET Q2 2006 – Released

Nevron announces the release of the new version of this feature – rich User Interface component suite for Windows Forms applications.


South Plainfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2006 --Nevron announces the release of the new version of this feature – rich User Interface component suite for Windows Forms applications. Introducing many novelties as Custom Forms, Rich Text Label, Decorators, Image Animation and many more Nevron User Interface Suite is now the richest GUI for .NET available. This is alongside with the suite’s well known render quality and speed. The suite introduces lots of modern custom controls such as MS Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane, Windows XP Explorer Bar and complete set of extended Windows Forms controls making it easy to create a distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer. Version Q2 2006 includes both VB.NET and C# examples.

What Is New In Q2 Release

1. Custom Forms - One of the most unique features of our User Interface Library is the ability display forms with custom non-client metrics and painting. Overcome the limitations of the system default frames and create your own ones. Specify global or local templates or use the embedded modern ones including the famous "Vista Slate" and "Vista Royal". Being completely custom our Forms allow you to specify additional caption buttons, specify their appearance and track their click events. Using complex render logic our forms look smooth, professional and will certainly give your applications out-of-the-box appearance.
2. Rich Text label - Enter the next-generation presentation layer by experiencing our NRichTextLabel component. Ever been impressed from the way you may format texts in HTML and *.rtf files? Our label will allow you to do this in exactly the same way and will definitely give your applications distinguished appearance. The control is a combination of NShadowDecorator, NUIItem and NTextDocument instances which allow you to modify both the filling, border and shadow information and text, image, alignments, etc.
3. Font Combo And Font List - Base on the NComboBox and NListBox respectively these two controls will displays all installed fonts in a stylish and professional way. Three different modes are supplied: Name, NameInFont and NameAndSample.
4. Navigation Pane - Experience professional and visually appealing custom control identical with the navigation bar found in Microsoft Outlook 2003. Our NNavigationPane is an excellent component which not only gives your applications an advanced navigation feature but provides you with the smooth, pixel-perfect appearance of Office 2003. Complete design-time support is provided making the creation of complex hierarchies of user interface components a snap.
5. Decorators - Based on the generic Decorator design-pattern our Decorators are extremely useful controls enabling you not only to experience all of the predefined components that ship with the library but to create and decorate your own custom ones with ease. Modern effects like Glass, Gel and Vista are a piece of cake to produce with our decorators. And yet another unique feature is the support for shadow - either solid or linear blur. All fill, stroke and shadow information is grouped by objects so that you can customize the look-and-feel of your application using only the Windows Forms Designer.
6. Extended Group Box - Based on the NShadowDecorator control our extended group box demonstrates the capabilities of our Decorators. The component extends the plain appearance of the standard group box and adds pleasant look-and-feel and lots of customization features.
7. Grouper - Based on the NShadowDecorator control our NGrouper component will enable you to group your controls in a visually appealing manner. The control comes with a "Header" and "Footer" UI elements allowing for emphasizing on the meaning of the group.
8. Expanders - Inspired from the excellent Windows XP Explorer Bar Nevron NExpander control brings to you the same functionality including even the smooth collapse/expand animation effect. The control is completely customizable in each aspect of visual representation, animation properties and functionality.
9. Explorer Bar - Based on the core NExpander component our NExplorerBar brings to you the look-and-feel of the Windows XP Shell Explorer. Our component is the only one on the market which implements the smooth animation effects available in the original Explorer Bar. A custom auto-scroll behavior is provided and the user can easily navigate to the hidden expanders.
10. Image Animation - Our UI suite provides you with the ability to apply standard animations like fade, slide, scroll, etc. upon bitmaps. A unique Animator - Surface model is used allowing for comprehensive and straight forward animation processing. A basic implementation of the INImageAnimationSurface interface is supplied with the library.
11. Command Bars - Extended Image Support - Now our command bars provide you complete control over the image per command instance. Specify alpha value, source rectangle, size mode and more to achieve the desired effect.