Nevron Diagram for .NET Q2 2006 – Released

Nevron announces the release of the new version of its professional diagramming component for .NET applications.


South Plainfield, New Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2006 --Nevron announces the release of the new version of its professional diagramming component for .NET applications. Introduced are many new features and functionality, the most important of which are the support for WebViews and the new shape factories which help you instantly create more than 180 predefined shapes. The DOM has been enhanced to allow easier creation of custom shapes and groups. You can now easily treat the diagram as graph or tree – added was support for many graph and tree related algorithms (traversal methods, spanning tree etc.). The diagram performance has been significantly optimized – reduced was the memory footprint of complex drawing, the rendering speed is also substantially increased.

Following is a list of the major improvements and new features of the Nevron Diagram for .NET product, which have been introduced in the Q2 2006 release:

New features and functionality

• Implemented was support for WebForm views
• Implemented were shape factories, which can help you easily create any predefined shape. Added were more than 180 predefined shapes. All of them are nicely grouped in thematic shape factories
• Added was support for stylesheets, which greatly minimize the effort needed to apply consistent styling to your diagrams.
• Implemented were many graph and tree related algorithms (graph and tree traversal, spanning trees, checks for cyclic, connected graph etc.)
• Added was support for circular arc primitives

Improvements in the DOM

• You can now instantly convert any 2D shape to 1D shape and vice versa. Plugs are automatically created/destroyed
• Elements now store most of their properties in property bags, which minimizes the memory footprint of the diagram.
• The shape labels, ports and control point collections are now optional. You can create and destroy them as you see fit. In this way the diagram can further be lightened.
• Improved was the way in which elliptical arcs are defined and edited.
• Graph management was decoupled from shapes. You can now specify on a per shape basis whether you want a shape to be treated as a logical graph part.
• Groups are now much easily created - just add the shapes in their shapes collection
• Composite shapes are now much easily created - just add the primitives in their primitives collection
• The composition and decomposition now preserves the local style formatting
• Added was support for primitive shapes. These are shapes, which aggregate a single primitive model and whose behavior is influenced by the primitive they aggregate - for example rectangle shape, ellipse shape, polygon shape etc.
• Added was support for form preservation of 1D primitive shapes, when you modify their start and end points.
• Added was support for 22 different modes in which aggregate models can scale models they aggregate (for example the way in which shapes are resized in groups). The most commonly used are CartesianScaleAndReposition, RepositionOnly and AffineScale.
• Added was support for element abilities and protection.
• Added were several new batches. Most of the operations, which views and commands perform with document content go through batches.

Improvements in the WinForm views

• You can now globally specify what types of trackers must be created for the selected shapes (for example disable the creation of pin point trackers)
• You can specify whether reflexive and partially disconnected connectors should be created

Performance optimizations

• Optimized was the initialization performance of documents
• Optimized was the update performance of documents
• Optimized was the rendering speed (especially of stroke elements with image filter shadows)
• Optimized was the hit test speed
• Optimized was the masters image generation