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Frozen Shoulder Pain Keeping You Awake? Sleep Better A Revolutionary Pillow that Eases Pain

If frozen shoulder pain is keeping you awake at night there is no need to suffer. There is hope in site. A revolutionary pillow developed by Dr. Joseph Berke will help you to rest comfortably for additional hours of sleep each night.


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2006 --Pain from Frozen Shoulder is not an uncommon complaint among Americans. Many people suffer from this disorder although the causes are not totally understood.

Frozen shoulder is the common term for a disorder called adhesive capsulitis. This disease is characterized by motionless shoulders sometimes accompanied by pain or stiffness. It occurs when the capsule encompassing the shoulder joint is contracted and thickened. Because these symptoms could also signify a rotator cuff injury, you should consult your doctor for a complete exam and proper diagnosis.

An important factor, if you are experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain, is to be sure that you are sleeping on the proper bedding. Choosing a mattress that is comfortable and the proper pillow that will provide the right support for proper spinal alignment will help to relieve your pain and sleep better at night.

On the market today is a revolutionary multi-purpose, multi-position pillow that corrects and aligns your head, neck, shoulder and arm, relieving symptoms of frozen shoulder for additional hours of restful sleep. The Sleep Better Pillow, invented by Dr. Joseph Berke, retired neurosurgeon-turned-inventor, is a specially designed pillow that helps you relieve the pressure that is put on your shoulder when you sleep at night. Dr. Berke with his ingenuity and tenacity designed and patented this innovative pillow made of urethane "memory foam" that features a unique recess along the front width of the pillow that comfortably accommodates a person’s shoulder. The center is recessed for arm comfort and the sides are sculpted to accommodate stomach and side sleepers. Regardless of how a person prefers to sleep; stomach, side, or back the Sleep Better Pillow evenly distributes and reduces pressure on a persons arm, shoulder, and neck, thus helping to maintain the correct posture of the head, neck, and spine and holds it in the correct position for improved sleep.

Dr. Berke states that this pillow is not a cure-all for people with shoulder problems. But for those who are plagued by frozen shoulder pain and can not get comfortable at night Dr. Berke recommends trying the Sleep Better Pillow.