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Rotator Cuff Pillow Supports and Comforts Your Shoulder While You Get Better Sleep


Detroit, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2006 --Many rotator cuff injuries are not the result of a one time event, they can occur as a result of damage that is incurred over a long period. This is often true of people who sleep on their arm. Side sleepers often put much pressure on the shoulder during sleep that might actually cause rotator cuff injuries.

The best rotator cuff pillow is a preventive one and is often a recommended solution. The most appropriate rotator cuff pillow is one that is also a side sleeper pillow.

On the market today is a revolutionary multi-purpose, multi-position rotator cuff pillow that corrects and aligns your head, neck, shoulder and arm, relieving pain from rotator cuff injuries allowing you additional hours of restful sleep. The Sleep Better Pillow, invented by Dr. Joseph Berke, retired neurosurgeon-turned-inventor, is a specially designed pillow that helps you relieve the pressure that is put on your shoulder when you sleep at night. Dr. Berke with his ingenuity and tenacity designed and patented this innovative pillow made of urethane "memory foam" that features a unique recess along the front width of the pillow that comfortably accommodates a person’s shoulder. The center is recessed for arm comfort and the sides are sculpted to accommodate stomach and side sleepers. Regardless of how a person prefers to sleep; stomach, side, or back the Sleep Better Pillow evenly distributes and reduces pressure on a persons arm, shoulder, and neck, thus helping to maintain the correct posture of the head, neck, and spine and holds it in the correct position for improved sleep.

Dr. Berke states that this pillow is not a cure-all for people with shoulder problems. But for those who are plagued by rotator cuff pain and are unable to get comfortable at night Dr. Berke recommends trying the Sleep Better Pillow.