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New eBook Helps Those Suffering From Tinnitus


Bad Soden, Hesse, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2006 --Tinnitus is a disease that infects thousands of people annually. It is a disease where one hears constant high pitched sounds that no one else can here and often, the sound can torment one 24 hours a day 365 days a year to the brink of insanity.

A new resource guide for those who are suffering from the disease, or know someone who is, has been created at http://www.tinnitus-online.com. The web site features some background information about the disease and how it affects your day to day life. The web site also sells one of the most popular eBooks for helping you to learn more information about the disease and how it can be overcome, “My Best Friend Tinnitus”. The book can be purchased at a low rate of $14.95 and then instantly downloaded to your computer.

“This is a major problem that many people do not know about. Those who do suffer from it have no idea how to overcome it,” said web site creator and author Mark Last. “This eBook gives people a chance to learn about the disease and how they can help themselves overcome it and live a normal life.”

The book has also garnered much praise from many professional book reviewers.

“In Mark's book, he shares his experience of how his Tinnitus began, how it got out of control and how he took back the controls over the ailment. He found solace, and can now recommend therapies, lifestyle revisions and more that can truly make a difference. He even shows a way to make changes in how we perceive this ailment,” said one book reviewer, Susan Lesica. “With Mark's book, Tinnitus sufferers can literally shave off years of trial and error or spending money on "cures" that don't work. Let alone the countless hours spent going from doctor to doctor, hoping that someone will have "the cure. The cure starts from within, and if you're having a difficult time finding the right road to take, then this book is for you. However, it is not a cure. Because of having no cure for Tinnitus, most people have no other choice but to learn how to live with it. It's like marriage counseling for you and your Tinnitus.”

You can visit the web site and get more information about the disease and the book itself at http://www.tinnitus-online.com.