SMS2BID Gives Away Products at Less than 10% Retail Value


Sydney, Austrailia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2006 --There are a number of popular online auction web sites today, but recently launched SMS2BID.com.au, has put its own spin on the traditional online auction web site.

SMS2BID allows users to place bids on various products from video game consoles such as the Playstation Portable to MP3 Players such as the Apple iPod and everything in between. The site lets members bid on auctions either online using bid credits or directly through their mobile handset cia SMS. When a certain amount of bids are placed on an item, a winner is announced.

The web site bidding system is set up in such a way that one can win an iPod for under $30 and a number of other valuable prices at very low prices, even when hundreds of bids are placed on an auction.

“We saw the popularity of online auctions and had this great idea for an auction site with our own twist,” said webmaster Dan Rucci. “The idea has caught on and we are receiving hundreds of bids daily on products we list up for auction.”

“The concept is great,” says Edwin who was able to win an iPod valued at $598 retail price for just under $35. “I recently got a great deal on an iPod and I know many other members are winning cool prizes for just a few bucks.”

You can visit the site, get all the information, buy credits and bid at http://www.sms2bid.com.au.