Unicon Systems

Unicon Systems Introduces the First in the World Handheld Chip-on-film Linux Computer and MGizmo Consumer Products


Menlo Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2006 --Unicon Systems is introducing the first wireless mobile chip-on-film Linux computer, based on ARM9 embedded CPU running full blown Linux 2.6 and attached to the back of a 3.5” touch screen. It is equipped with multiple connectivity options including two 2.0 high-speed USB host ports and WiFi, and can be used to create new handheld devices for industrial, security, educational and medical applications, as well as various mobile consumer electronics products.

This cost-effective solution substantially reduced the footprint for Linux handhelds; eliminates the need for hardware design by application developers and the need for application developers to have low-level Linux knowledge.

“Our innovative technology allows developers to only worry about the application, while Unicon provides a complete handheld hardware platform including Ethernet, serial port and WiFi connectivity, - says Mr. De Soto, Unicon’s new CEO. “As a result, Unicon’s platform enables developers to cut down on time to market equivalent to 10 man-years”.

On the basis of its patented platform Unicon Systems developed two handheld MGizmo consumer devices – MCopy and MBridge – which enable high speed transfer of multimedia content directly between any USB-enabled devices (and the Internet) on the go, without a computer. MCopy is scheduled for availability in November 2006.

In order to expand its business and to finish the development of MBridge Unicon Systems is starting a new round of financing now.

To get more information on the Unicon Systems’ products please visit www.uniconsys.com.

Unicon is developing and manufacturing unmatched user-friendly, MGizmo portable devices which provide users of various electronic USB enabled-gadgets with an opportunity to show, share, copy, download, and upload all kinds of multimedia files directly and over the Internet. The mission of MGizmo by Unicon is to free people from the necessity of using personal computers (PC's) as an intermediary between their digital entertainment and portable storage devices.