Terra-Trax Sand Ladders Trail Tested in Utah

Terra-Trax, manufacturer of Sand and Bridging Ladders, visits Utah backcountry to test the versatility of the Terra-Trax Rescue Traction System.


Taylorsville, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2006 --Introduced in 2005, Terra-Trax has been a leading manufacturer of Sand and Bridging Ladders in North America. Terra-Trax was started by a group of guys who enjoy back country exploration and offroading.

Josh Heater, owner of Terra-Trax said, “These ramps are built for confronting the great outdoors. When venturing into the wilderness you must have reliable recovery gear to overcome unexpected obstacles. We began using these ramps with our stock 4x4's to help maximize their limited suspension and articulation. We soon found out that these ramps got us in and out of places we never imagined. Now, whenever we venture into the backcountry we always have the Terra-Trax's strapped up in the Safari Rack.”

The Terra-Trax Rescue Traction System is vital tool when you have reached an impassible obstacle in your off road vehicle. Use can use the system as sand ladders to escape high desert sand pits. Also, you can magnify you rock crawling capabilities utilizing the system to traverses cracks and rock stair steps. The Rescue System is corrosion resistant to mud, water, snow and sand. They can be used in various off-road situations and are capable of supporting a vehicle's weight.

In the summer of 2006 these ramps were put to the ultimate test. Far out in the Utah Desert, the Terra-Trax sand ladders were used in every way imaginable.

“With the gritted traction surface, those jeeps could climb out of any obstacle. It’s great to have something this light weight and be able to support the weight of the jeep.” Said Josh.

To view the gallery of pictures from the Utah Desert trip, visit the Terra-Trax website.

TERRA-TRAX is making the impassible possible.