Tillamook Treasure

THE TILLAMOOK TREASURE Selected for Los Angeles Film Festivals

Official selection in the Beverly Hills Fine Arts Industry Showcase and the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2006 --Newport Beach Film Festival award-winner for best family film, The Tillamook Treasure has been chosen as an official selection in the Beverly Hills Fine Arts Industry Showcase presented by the Beverly Hills Fine Arts Theatre on Sunday September 17 at 1PM. The theater is located at 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills 90211. Tickets are available at the box office only and are $5.50.

Also a selection of the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, The Tillamook Treasure will be screened at on Saturday October 7, The Tillamook Treasure will be screened in the Brown Theater at LACMA, to be followed by a Q & A. Tickets are $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for children under 17 and are on sale at the LACMA Box Office. www.lachildrensfilm.org

This is a great opportunity to meet the amazing Doyon family: Mom, Jane Beaumont Hall is the Director, Dad, Richard Doyon is the Executive Producer. Their daughters, Suzanne Marie and Janine Doyon, played major roles in the movie. Making this movie was a real family affair, which also included other family and friends as actors and crew. The Tillamook Treasure is a film will entertain and inspire people of all ages.

Filmed on location at the Oregon Coast, The Tillamook Treasure follows the adventure of a 14 year-old girl as she searched for a local treasure legend. The movie opens as Julie (Suzanne Marie Doyon), and her family move to an Oregon seaside town after her dad loses his job. Her parents struggle with his unemployment and their own marital problems. Her Grandpa Jack (Max Gail) and his friend, Standing Elk (Floyd Red Crow Westerman), seem to be the only ones with time for Julie. Julie finds an old Spanish gold coin after a mystical encounter with a huge Elk on the beach. Grandpa Jack and Standing Elk tell Julie about the Tillamook treasure legend. The legend talks about Spanish sailors who buried a chest of gold on Neahkahnie Mountain over 300 years ago. The Spaniards killed a Slave and buried him with the treasure to frighten the Indians away. The Elk becomes her watchful guide as Julie searches for the buried gold and discovers more than she's bargained for. Her adventures and discoveries highlight the most amazing summer of her life.

The Tillamook Treasure, a Bright Light Studio production, is written and produced the award-winning team of Jane Beaumont Hall and Richard A Doyon. The film is directed by Hall, with stars Brain McNamara (Arachnophobia, Caddyshack 2), Brian Thompson (X-Files, The Terminator, Dragonheart), Julia Campbell (Santa Barbara, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion) and Max Gail (Barney Miller, Sons and Daughters), Bradley Stryker (The O.C), Mary Stein (General Hospital. Suzanne Marie Doyon, Janine Doyon, and Escher Holloway appear in their first major roles in a feature film. The film features master puppeteers, the Phillip Huber Marionettes (Being John Malkovich) and original Native American music by flute virtuoso Jan Michael Looking Wolf. Emmy Award winners, editor, Edgar Burksen, sound designer Kent Gibson, and composer Peter Buffett round out the team. North American release for The Tillamook Treasure is tentatively scheduled for summer, 2006

Recently, The Tillamook Treasure was also officially selected for the Calgary International Film Festival in Canada, as well as The LA Femme Festival, in Los Angeles. For festival schedules, photos, info, or interviews, call Jane B Hall @ 310.663.1951 or visit the official website: www.tillamooktreasure.com

The Tillamook Treasure is represented by Producer’s Rep Mark Litwak: 310.859.9595. www.marklitwak.com

Mar Vista Entertainment handles the foreign distribution for the film: 310.737.0950. www.marvista.net

Contact: Jane Hall