4Flix.Net Provides Hundreds of Video iPod-Compatible Downloads Without DRM Under $10 Per Month

4Flix.Net has launched a brand new FREE*PASS monthly subscription plan, enabling consumers to download hundreds of iPod-compatible feature-length movies, TV shows, cartoons and independent films for one low price, all without cumbersome Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions.


Springfield, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2006 --Online video site 4Flix.Net has introduced a brand new FREE*PASS monthly subscription plan, which allows unrestricted access to hundreds of feature-length movies, TV shows, cartoons and independent films for just $9.99/month. Dozens of shorter titles are available completely free of charge, allowing visitors to sample the content and download speeds before subscribing.

Compared to the upcoming video download services from Amazon and Apple, which burden the consumer with restrictive Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes, 4Flix.Net's FREE*PASS subscription plan provides a completely DRM-free long-term entertainment investment, enabling cross-platform playback on a wide range of H.264-compatible devices, from video iPods to high-definition DVD players.

Doc Searls, senior editor of Linux Journal and the co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, sees DRM restrictions as an opportunity for smaller players to enter the marketplace.

"The broadcast networks and satellite TV operators see Apple and Google and Yahoo as big partners... and see deals to be made," Searls said. "This stuff is caged, (and) the stuff that is not caged will have an advantage."

Besides the new monthly subscription plan, single title DRM-free downloads are still available for $1.99 each, a price point just 1/5 the cost of competitive services, as well as a discounted $49 annual FREE*PASS subscription rate.

"We are excited to offer a complete monthly subscription plan offering hundreds of titles for the same $9.99 cost as a single DRM-crippled feature-length film downloaded from our competitors" says Dave Holst, founder of 4Flix.Net. "We've converted dozens of our shorter titles into free downloads for folks to try out at no charge, and created some great new content categories, including 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, Cult Classics and the first ever Widescreen category, featuring 16x9 iPod-compatible feature-length films. We even have direct comparison pricing to the new Amazon Unbox Video Downloads, demonstrating clearly that our prices are 80% less than the competition for the exact same titles!"

H.264 video is the next generation video entertainment standard and offers much higher efficiencies than the MPEG2 standard currently used in DVD videos. H.264 content is visually compelling and allows 4Flix.Net content to be played back on a wide variety of platforms, such as:
* Macintosh, including Apple’s brand new “living-room ready” Intel Core Duo Mac Minis and 24” iMacs
* Windows, including Intel’s VIIV digital entertainment platform
* Apple’s 6th Generation 16x9 widescreen Video iPod
* Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD next-generation DVD players
* Apple’s Airport Express Video with HDMI out
* Sony’s Play Station Portable (PSP)

4Flix.Net's new monthly FREE*PASS subscriptions are available immediately from

Launched in 2005, 4Flix.Net has served up video downloads to more than 130,000 visitors from over a hundred countries worldwide since launch, and currently has thousands of registered users. Dozens of shorter titles are available for download at no cost, and visitors can also subscribe to a free Video Podcast featuring regularly updated short films and animations. The 4Flix.Net Video Podcast is also accessible directly from Apple's iTunes Music Store by searching in Podcasts for "4Flix.Net". 4Flix.Net’s vanguard site UnabridgedBooks.com has been serving up DRM-Free audio books and eBooks since 2003.