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Thousands of Offerings To Sell Lubricants Added To Worldwide Industrial Marketplace

New Directory of Lubricants and Petroleum products helps industrial and technical buyers locate manufacturers and distributors of lubricants worldwide.


Westborough, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2006 --Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, a division of Donald LaBelle Associates, today announced it added a new directory of lubricants and petroleum based products, systems and equipment to its online industrial portal at

The wide range of lubricants available in the directory include offerings from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers found throughout the company's network of industrial directories, all of which are searchable directly from the Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Web site.

The directory can be accessed at,

Lubricants available in the directory include military specification, punch press, solid film, lubricants stick form, rubber bearing, saw, silicone, textile machinery, tire mounting, traction, solid state lubricants, spring, tube expander, tungsten disulfide, silver, synthetic, biodegradable lubricants, CVT, environmentally safe, high temperature, compressor lubricants, dry film, electric contact, firearm, computer, gun drilling, cable, chain and high pressure lubricants.

Other lubricants include high temperature, low temperature, forging, friction and wear, gage, gear, food grade, grinding wheel, mining lubricants, mold, oil, window, packing, water repellent, graphite, grinding, stamping, steel mill, pneumatic tool lubricants, powder form, machinery, pipe joint, specialty, spray, pipe thread, soap, custom synthetic, cylinder, die casting, aerosol, air tool, anti-seize, diesel fuel, drawing and stamping lubricants.

Additional lubricants added to the directory include automotive, aircraft, bearing, electric switch, conductive, construction, conveyor, extreme pressure, fibre, cutting, fiber optic, cutting tool lubricants, fifth wheel, fire resistant, stopcock, marine, metalworking, grease, textile, turbine, mica, refrigeration lubricants, tape, tapping, wire drawing, vacuum, valve, wire pulling, temporary, water soluble, custom and private label lubricants.

The directory also includes a significant selection of lubricators and lubricating systems and equipment for various applications such as industrial and manufacturing, construction, automotive, mining, compression, machinery, chain, engines, aircraft, fiber optic, metalworking and other applications.

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