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Forget Black and White: ifrogz Offers iPod Fans More Than 300,000 Ways to Express Their Individuality

With its patent-pending three-piece iPod case design, ifrogz gives music lovers more color, more pizzazz and more flexibility in dressing their favorite music player


Logan, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2006 --Millions of music lovers across the globe have embraced Apple Computer’s popular iPod digital music player as a way to express their individuality through their unique and often eclectic song collections. Now ifrogz™ is giving them a new way to express themselves by the way they protect and display their iPods too. More than 300,000 new ways, to be exact.

ifrogz has innovated a patent-pending, three-piece silicone iPod case design that not only protects everyone’s favorite music player from the uncomplimentary dings and scratches incurred during everyday use, but also does so in an emotive way that will express the unique style and personality of its owner.

“iPod lovers come in every shade and color under the sun and with millions of tastes and preferences,” said Scott Huskinson, president and CEO of ifrogz. “There’s absolutely no reason why the look of their iPods shouldn’t be as unique and customizable as their playlists. Most case makers give us only a few basic colors to choose from. ifrogz sees things differently.”

Whereas many silicone iPod cases are flimsy, gummy and collect lint, ifrogz uses only 100 percent high-grade, polished silicone that has been specially treated to resist dust and dirt. This makes the case smooth and silky to the touch, in addition to being thick and durable.

ifrogz cases also differ from every other iPod case on the market by providing three distinct components for total protection — and complete color customization — of your iPod: Wrapz™, Bandz™ and Screenz™.

Wrapz, the main case component of the ifrogz system, cover the entire player from top to bottom and expose only the screen (which is covered by a clear plastic protector), scroll wheel, headphone jack and other ports.

The thick, durable Bandz then stretch completely around the sides of the iPod, thus protecting exposed ports and adding a bonus element of style. Bandz feature only a single opening over the iPod’s headphone jack for optimum protection of the device’s connection ports.

Screenz, the final — and most customizable — element of the ifrogz system, are protective sheets of transparent plastic that lay over the player’s Click Wheel. With more than 200 unique Screenz, used in tandem with the 38 colors of both Wrapz and Bandz to result in 300,000 possible combinations, it’s highly unlikely your ifrogz case could ever be mistaken for someone else’s.

“ifrogz’s focus on complete protection with complete customization puts us far ahead of every other maker of iPod cases,” Huskinson said. “We’re exceptionally proud of the design we’ve come up with, but the truth of the matter is that the real designer of each ifrogz case is the customer. We’re committed to making sure no other case protects the iPod as well as an ifrogz case, and no other case maker’s customer is as satisfied as an ifrogz customer.”

For more information about ifrogz, or to begin designing your own custom iPod case, please visit www.ifrogz.com.

About ifrogz
ifrogz™ (www.ifrogz.com) develops innovative accessories for the iPod and other consumer electronics. ifrogz iPod protective cases utilize a unique three-part design and come in more than 300,000 combinations, allowing individuals to individualize the look of their iPods as much as their music and video selections are individualized. A subsidiary of Reminderband, Inc., ifrogz launched in March 2006 and is based in Logan, Utah.