Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce Hosts Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, for Publicity How-To Webinar September 21

Publicity expert to share the secrets of how Virtual Assistants can position themselves as experts so the media flock to them


Tacoma, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2006 --The media flock to experts. They interview them. They put them on the covers of magazines. They feature them on TV shows like “60 Minutes” and “Nightline” and on hundreds of radio shows on National Public Radio and in your own community.

Join publicity expert Joan Stewart, a.k.a., The Publicity Hound, as she shares the secrets of how Virtual Assistants and small business owners can position themselves as experts so the media start flocking to you, too. Joan, a former editor of three daily newspapers and a weekly business journal, has accepted and rejected thousands of story ideas from experts, so she knows the kinds of sources the media seek out, and the kinds they ignore.

Joan publishes “The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week,” a free weekly ezine read by more than 19,000 people worldwide. You can subscribe at her website,

Sponsored by the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, a professional association dedicated to connecting the Virtual Assistance and mainstream business worlds, this free online webinar is open to Virtual Assistants and small business owners interested in learning how to create their own publicity opportunities.

During this session, Virtual Assistants and small business owners will learn:

• Why it’s important to become an expert, then promote your expertise;
• Where to find a valuable document—for free—that will explain the 10 levels of expertise and how to achieve each level;
• Where to begin a publicity campaign so you do the important legwork that will pay off months later;
• How to create a “Top 25 Media Hit List” of your key media contacts who are in the best position to help you;
• The Number One thing journalists will expect you to do before they agree to cover you;
• How to pitch story ideas so you hit every journalist’s hot button;
• When you want the media to write about you, and when you want to write articles yourself;
• Why “how-to” articles written by experts help them sell a product, service, cause or issue;
• Joan’s favorite fun things to do for getting publicity (there’s something here for everybody);
• How to break bread with reporters…everything you must know about meeting reporters for lunch
• The one thing you must Never do during your publicity campaign so you don’t embarrass yourself;
• How to build valuable relationships with the media so you stay on their radar screens.

…Plus we’ll leave plenty of time for your questions. Don’t miss out!


What: “How to Use the Media to Promote Yourself as an Expert and Get FABULOUS Publicity”

Speaker: Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

Date: Thursday, September 21

Time: 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Length: 1 hour

Cost: FREE!

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