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Robert Schiller Stands Up For Increased Home Buyer Education


Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2006 --Robert Schiller announced today a large investment in increased education for home buyers by joining the National Association of Responsible Loan Officers.

By joining NARLO, Robert Schiller has agreed to adhere to the strictest Code of Professional Conduct in the mortgage financing industry. In addition, the association has a complete consumer mediation service available to any consumer who seeks financing from an NARLO member. This ensures consumers always have a somewhere to turn for independent information about their home financing; NARLO’s goal is to ensure consumer protection.

“As a responsible mortgage broker, I am proud to stand with others around the country to provide increased consumer protection and education.” said Robert Schiller, “A family home is typically their largest investment, responsible loan officers provide the critical information they need to make informed financing decisions.”

Robert Schiller helped hundreds of families finance their homes over the last 10 years through out the Baltimore area. Residential Home Loan Centers currently specializes in providing mortgage solutions to families who have had bankruptcies or other credit challenges.

Robert Schiller is available for interviews by phone and can be reached at 410-580-2000, ext 206.

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Recent headlines indicate that many home buyers do not understand the scope of their home financing or worse, are not treated fairly by their mortgage lender. The National Association of Responsible Loan Officers was created to educate consumers about their home financing options and ensure they understand the financing options available to them. By participating as members of NARLO, loan officers are financing the most aggressive public education effort in the mortgage financing industry.

Robert Schiller is a member of NARLO
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