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AES Password Manager 2.0: Your Data Is Safe for at Least 1000 Years


Moscow, Russian Federation -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2006 --AES Software announces the release of version 2.0 of AES Password Manager, an advanced password management solution for both home and office users. AES Password Manager provides a user or a group of users with a secure encrypted database that can be used to store any sensitive data such as logins and passwords, credit card numbers and security codes, PIN-codes, attached files etc. The data can be easily categorized to facilitate further search.

AES Password Manager can be effectively used in multi-user environments, such as workgroups. The secure database can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, each with his or her own login and password. Furthermore, the database administrator can manage privileges on a per-user basis, hiding specific items contained in the database or allowing read access only.

Most of the multi-user features that AES Password Manager provides are unnecessary in a single-user environment so they can be turned off for convenience. When AES Password Manager functions in the single-user mode, all users share the same password, however they still can log on to the database under different usernames in order to have customized versions of the program interface and bookmark sets for different users.

AES Password Manager also provides features that allow users to immediately fill in various forms with the data stored in the database. The Internet Explorer toolbar shipped with AES Password Manager, integrates web-form saving and filling capability into Internet Explorer, and the SuperPaste feature can be used to automatically enter data into any form in any application by simulating user keypresses.

As the name suggests, AES Password Manager employs the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which ensures your sensitive data is completely safe from hackers of all sorts. The protection that this algorithm provides is so high, that it cannot be cracked within a reasonable amount of time (say 1000 years) and the U.S. Department of Defense adopted it for use in governmental applications.

AES Password Manager can be installed onto any removable media (such as a USB Flash drive) along with the database. This means users can carry a small storage device with them and access their sensitive data everywhere without needing to install the software.

AES Password Manager protects users from data loss just as it protects them from hackers. The built-in backup feature will automatically make backup copies of the database.

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