Korzh.Com Releases Clarity 1.3


Kyiv, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2006 --Clarity system integrates different services used by software developers and managers in one universal web-based solution. It helps to automate different everyday tasks in several areas of software development such as project management, issue/bug tracking, documentation and customer support. Unlike other similar products Clarity is designed as open and customizable solution, ready for inclusion of additional modules.

Main features are:

* Tracking of bugs, tasks, requests or any other issues;
* Common documents storage based on wiki platform;
* Simple but powerful user interface with rich abilities for customization;
* Project component and version management;
* History of changes for each issue;
* An ability to watch any issue modification or comment;
* Highly configurable access control management;
* Multingual interface.

Clarity is written on Java so it can be installed on most operating systems and hardware platforms.

You can setup it as separate service on your personal computer or remote dedicated server or run it as web application under some J2EE servlet container like Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere.

Clarity 1.3 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version can be used for 30 days and is available at http://devtools.korzh.com/clarity/ for evaluation.

The price of a license for 1 user is 99.00 US Dollars.

Korzh.Com is a small independent software developing company specializing in developer tools, .NET/ASP.NET components, Delphi/VCL code libraries and ActiveX controls. If you have any questions, would like to request editor’s copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal, please contact Sergiy Korzh at sergiy@korzh.com

System Requirements: Windows or Unix/Linux operating system, Java 5.0

Company Website: http://devtools.korzh.com
Product Page: http://devtools.korzh.com/clarity/
Screenshots: http://devtools.korzh.com/clarity/screenshots.jsp
Download Link: http://devtools.korzh.com/downloads/clarity.zip
Buy Link: http://devtools.korzh.com/purchase.jsp?product=CLAR